Time Machine Backups from the Netgear X8 USB Port

Netgear X8 sitting on top of two DrobosSteve Davidson posted a great question on podfeet.com on my post about the Netgear Nighthawk X8 router:

Allison, now that Apple has end-of-lifed the AirPort Extreme (my device of choice until now), I’m taking another look at the Netgear Nighthawk X8 (your endorsement has to be worth $$$ to Netgear). Besides the obvious reasons to use an Apple access point/router (e.g., quality, auto-notification of firmware updates, etc.) is the fact that I can plug two USB drives into it (via a USB hub) and it provides great Time Machine backup destinations for my home systems.

So the big question is: Do you know if the Netgear Nighthawk X8’s USB ports can support over-the-network Time Machine backups (to AFP+ drives)?

Great question, Steve. The short answer is yes, you can do this and it works. But short answers aren’t the theme of the NosillaCast, are they? Netgear does have a really old “how to” on setting up Time Machine to work with their routers, but lets walk through it ourselves. Continue reading “Time Machine Backups from the Netgear X8 USB Port”

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CCATP #469 Allister Jenks on Affinity Designer

Allister jinx logo bezier curvesThis week we’re joined by Allister Jenks of the Sitting Duck Podcast. I tricked him into using Affinity Photo (and he loves it) so he turns the tables and convinces me to buy into Affinity Designer. He’ll explain the difference between pixel and vector editors, and why you’d want to use one tool over the other. We’ll talk Beziér curves and strokes and fills. He’ll talk about a few cool projects he’s worked on to learn to use the tools, including reproducing Ryan Sakamoto’s awesome Podfeet Logo.

Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are both available at affinity.serif.com/… and are both available in the Mac App Store. He also mentions at the very end a little Mac app called Image Vectorizer. You can find Allister at zkarj.me/….

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AirPods – Lag or No Lag?

Audio video sync testI mentioned in my AirPods review last week that I did some tests of audio/video syncing for Dave Hamilton. I’ll review a little bit and then walk into some more advanced questions.

Dave had asked me to watch some YouTube videos using the AirPods to see whether the sound was in sync and the results were very positive. I found an audio/video sync video that’s really cool. There’s a horizontal timeline sliding from left to right, with several dots and then a long dash every second. Then there’s a ball bouncing on the dash as it goes by and it makes a click sound when it hits. The idea is that from the timeline you can measure how many milliseconds of delay there are between when you see the ball hit and when you hear it hit. I tested the AirPods and it was spot on with this test.

Continue reading “AirPods – Lag or No Lag?”

Missing MagSafe on Your USB-C Mac? Griffin BreakSafe Isn’t the Answer

Magsafe connectorWhen the MacBook and later the MacBook Pro came out with only USB-C there was a lot of moaning and groaning about dongles, but mixed reactions about the loss of the MagSafe power connector. It was designed to break away if someone hit the cable so your laptop wouldn’t go skidding across the table and onto the floor. Some people loved MagSafe, some didn’t. I was in the love category.

Remember when Steve Jobs introduced MagSafe and his memorable quote was, “You’re tired of breaking them, and we’re tired of fixing them”?  I was sold.  Countless times that MagSafe connector saved my laptops over the years.

Continue reading “Missing MagSafe on Your USB-C Mac? Griffin BreakSafe Isn’t the Answer”

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NC #607 Primitive, Lost Voicemails, AirPods, Security Bits

It’s Christmas Day but there’s a fresh NosillaCast anyway – no best of show for us. Allister Jenks joins us to talk about the photo manipulation app Primitive for Mac from primitive.lol/…. I’ll tell you the tragic story of how Melissa lost her father’s voicemails and our joint discovery of how to get them back. I’ll give you my review of the Apple AirPods and we’ll talk about whether Bluetooth on them is fiddly, how they fit, and usability with Siri. Steve will jump in to talk about music playback quality (since that’s not my strong suit. Rush Sherman tells us about how he and I worked out a way to help him support the podcast through Patreon at a price his family could afford. Bart Busschots joins us for Security Bits.

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Continue reading “NC #607 Primitive, Lost Voicemails, AirPods, Security Bits”

Melissa’s Lost Voicemails, AKA Why I Do the Podcast

Old telephone with rolaidsYou know I do the podcast for the love of talking about tech. I get a big kick out of helping people and one of the ways I do that is with the tutorials I post on podfeet.com. I don’t know how many people find them or get value from them. I do get comments on many of them, especially the tutorial I did on how to fix the AppleTV problem when it says it will take 7 hours to play rented movies. That one has evidently saved marriages and brought peace and harmony to many homes.

But every once in a while there’s a story that makes all the work worth while.

Continue reading “Melissa’s Lost Voicemails, AKA Why I Do the Podcast”

Transform Your Photos with Primitive – Guest Post by Allister Jenks


Hello Allison and NosillaCastaways. Allister here from New Zealand, once again, with a review of one of those apps you don’t need but which you might just fall in love with.

A year ago, I subscribed to the then brand new Club MacStories newsletter. I love the information it brings me every week. Amongst the great content is always a crop of noteworthy apps and app updates. While these are predominantly iOS apps, Mac apps do appear and it is one of these that took my fancy recently and I’d like to introduce to you now.

Primitive, by Michael Fogleman is a creative graphics app that uses a simple premise to turn photos (or in fact, any image) into a form of more abstract art by “recreating” the image using primitive shapes – hence the name.

Continue reading “Transform Your Photos with Primitive – Guest Post by Allister Jenks”

Apple AirPods – Bluetooth With Less Fiddling?

Al airpods christmas hatI’ve mentioned many times that I got really lucky in the husband department. Last week highlights that. Steve gets up pretty early (especially for a retired guy) and when the AirPods went on sale early one morning, he immediately ordered me a set before the ship dates moved out to January. They arrived a day early, on the 20th and he didn’t make me wait till Christmas to open them.

The promise of the AirPods is many fold. One aspect is that they’re supposed to make pairing much easier. Let’s see if Apple really got rid of this major annoyance. We’ll start with the first experience of opening them up.

Packaging and Setup

People seem to be getting disenchanted with Apple in some ways but it’s indisputable that they do packaging like no one else. The AirPods come in a very small plastic case that acts as the charger. I was really surprised at how small it is, It’s about 2 x 1.5 x .75 inches. It looked a lot bigger in the photos I saw ahead of time. Remember the case itself charges the AirPods, so It has a Lightning port on the bottom.

The top of the case flips open and closed with the most delightful magnetic click. Seriously, you’ll find yourself opening and closing this obsessively. Continue reading “Apple AirPods – Bluetooth With Less Fiddling?”

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NC #606 Eye Chart Radio, Yahoo Breach and MD5, Amazon Duet, Nomorobo for iOS, Shelly & Steve Poems

We WILL have episodes of the NosillaCast (and live shows) on both Christmas and New Years day (unlike those other slacker podcasters). Check out last week’s episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond with Chris Ashley from the SMR Podcast (fun with Windows!). I’m one of the new rotating co-hosts for Eye Chart Radio with Mike LaPlante. Bart comes on for just a few minutes to chat about the ginormous Yahoo breach of 1 BILLION accounts is even worse than it sounds. He explains why it was so absurdly bad that Yahoo was hashing passwords with MD5. Terry Austin sends in a review of Nomorobo for the iPhone. Shelly Brisbin does a dramatic reading of her poem, “I Did Not Buy the MacBook Pro”. I’ll tell you about a way to achieve simultaneous onsite and offsite backups using the new Amazon Duet drive from Seagate.

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Continue reading “NC #606 Eye Chart Radio, Yahoo Breach and MD5, Amazon Duet, Nomorobo for iOS, Shelly & Steve Poems”

Block Spam Calls on Your iPhone with Nomorobo – by Terry Austin

Nomorobo iphone
Guest Post by Terry Austin of ielectrons.com
Hi there Allison and my fellow NosillaCastaways. Terry here…

Boy do I ever have a problem to be solved today!

SPAM calls on my iPhone. I HATE those and some days it seems like they come in every ten or twenty minutes.

The latest trick is a random phone number from a town near you, or at least in your own state.

Enter Nomorobo. Some of you know that this service has been around for a while for home phones. In fact, our own Steve Sheridan did a review of Nomorobo for their landline service back in 2015. I’m sure Allison has that link for the show notes.

Continue reading “Block Spam Calls on Your iPhone with Nomorobo – by Terry Austin”

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