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CCATP #469 Allister Jenks on Affinity Designer

Allister jinx logo bezier curvesThis week we’re joined by Allister Jenks of the Sitting Duck Podcast. I tricked him into using Affinity Photo (and he loves it) so he turns the tables and convinces me to buy into Affinity Designer. He’ll explain the difference between pixel and vector editors, and why you’d want to use one tool over the other. We’ll talk BeziĆ©r curves and strokes and fills. He’ll talk about a few cool projects he’s worked on to learn to use the tools, including reproducing Ryan Sakamoto’s awesome Podfeet Logo.

Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are both available at… and are both available in the Mac App Store. He also mentions at the very end a little Mac app called Image Vectorizer. You can find Allister at….

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AirPods – Lag or No Lag?

Audio video sync testI mentioned in my AirPods review last week that I did some tests of audio/video syncing for Dave Hamilton. I’ll review a little bit and then walk into some more advanced questions.

Dave had asked me to watch some YouTube videos using the AirPods to see whether the sound was in sync and the results were very positive. I found an audio/video sync video that’s really cool. There’s a horizontal timeline sliding from left to right, with several dots and then a long dash every second. Then there’s a ball bouncing on the dash as it goes by and it makes a click sound when it hits. The idea is that from the timeline you can measure how many milliseconds of delay there are between when you see the ball hit and when you hear it hit. I tested the AirPods and it was spot on with this test.

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