IRCcloud Keeps You Logged In Across Devices

Irccloud mobileFor the first time, I’m giving you a joint review between me and a listener, Joe LaGreca. You may remember Joe from his great review of the application Wire for secure messaging and before that he’s the one who told us about Authy. This week Joe showed me a cool service called IRCcloud, and we did a bunch of experimenting with it together. He explained the benefits to me and why he went looking for a solution in the first place (a problem to be solved).

After a while I suggested he do a review, but he was hesitant. That’s when we got the idea to collaborate on the review. Joe started an outline in a Google doc and I added some questions and additional observations, and moved things around to get it to flow better. So Joe gets credit for the majority of the content, while I made it into the blog post and podcast segment. I’ll let you decide whether this collaboration was a success!

The Problem to be Solved

Let’s start with the problem Joe wanted to solve. Continue reading “IRCcloud Keeps You Logged In Across Devices”

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