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NC #605 Exercise, IRCcloud, Affinity Photo 1.5, Security Bits

I got to be on the Ritual Misery Podcast at…. In a completely non-tech story I tell you about my path to exercise and give you some really practical tips on how to get in shape yourself. Joe LaGreca and I collaborated on a review of IRCcloud at, which helps you stay logged into all your favorite IRC clients. The folks at Serif have done it again, coming out with Affinity Photo 1.5 for Mac AND Windows that adds HDR, Tone Mapping, Focus Stacking and more. Bart Busschots joins us with his fortnightly Security Bits segment.

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CCATP #467 – Bart Busschots PBS 26 – HTML Data Attributes with jQuery

Bart Busschots is back with another installment of Programming By Stealth. In this week’s episode we wake Allison up from her long winter nap away from programming and continue our work on our JavaScript clock. The goal is to create a better API for our clock so that we can publish it and have it be used by others. My personal goal is to have a secure clock I can display on so that you know when it’s coming up on 5pm at my house and hence time for the NosillaCast Live. In order to achieve this goal, we need to learn how to add data attributes within html, and ithen change those attributes using jQuery. Dust off your memories of prototypes and screw your propeller beanie on tight for this one!

Link to the full tutorial is available at…

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Affinity Photo 1.5 Adds HDR, Tone Mapping, Focus Stacking and More

Affinity logoIf you like photography at all, please stop reading/listening to me right now and go out and buy Affinity Photo. Seriously, do it. Here’s why.

I first told you about Affinity Photo in May of 2016 and I’ve been singing the praises of this app ever since as an alternative to Photoshop. This week Serif came out with version 1.5 of Affinity Photo and it’s even MORE amazing. Not only is it amazing, they also shipped 1.5 for Windows! They explain that they purposely created one code base that could be used for both platforms so there would never be a problem with feature parity between the two.

Normally Affinity Photo is only $50 one time (no subscription service, but the price is $40 right now in the Mac App Store or directly at for Mac and Windows. Even if you miss this price and get it for the regular price, that’s crazy inexpensive for an alternative to Photoshop.

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