Be Careful When You Create a Dashlane Account

Dashlane logoThis week I received an odd email. It was a message from Dashlane, welcoming me to their password manager service. This was odd, only because I did not open an account with Dashlane.

I contacted them through their support email explaining the situation. I requested that the account be suspended and that they contact me to discuss the implications of this. Christine from Dashlane responded quite promptly, and explained that I could delete “my” account, but she cautioned me that I would not be able to use “my” Dashlane account if I deleted it, and that I would lose all of my data. It was pretty clear that this was a canned response, or else she didn’t read very clearly.

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CES 2017: Nite Ize Gear Ties & Lanterns

Allison interviews Alex Frio from Nite Ize about their gear ties and new compact lanterns. Gear ties have long been a handy way to tie up cords, cables and other items that need to be bundled. They are reusable with a tough rubber shell that provides excellent grip strength and a strong wire inside that holds its shape. The new Radiant 300 Lantern is compact, ultra-bright and has the power to charge other small USB devices. The setting is the CES Conference show floor.

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