Why I Switched to Backblaze from CrashPlan

Backblaze LogoIn March of 2013 I finally got on the bandwagon of doing offsite backups. Backups in general are the kind of task that sounds hard and annoying but if you haven’t tried lately are easy. Once I had CrashPlan running, it ran flawlessly for three and a half years.

One of the features I liked about CrashPlan is that when you get a new machine, they allow you to adopt the previous backup. That means that you don’t have to re-upload all of your data, you just tell CrashPlan to point the old backup to the new machine.

Fast forward to November of last year when I got the new Touch Bar MacBook Pro. I happily installed CrashPlan and told it to adopt the backup of my 2013 Retina MacBook Pro. And that’s when the nightmare started. Continue reading “Why I Switched to Backblaze from CrashPlan”

CES 2017: Flye Sport Earbuds by Braven

Allison interviews Cody Thomas from Braven about their new line of Flye Sport earbuds. Flye Sport earbuds are bluetooth enabled intended for active use. They come in four models: Flye Sport, Flye Sport Reflect, Flye Sport Power and Flye Sport GLO ranging in price from $50 up to $250. The Flye Sport Power and GLO earbuds also include feature control via a mobile app. The setting is the CES Conference show floor.

Learn more at http://braven.com/ces2017/active-earbuds.html

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