CSUN 2017: Second Sight Argus II Prosthetic Eye

Allison interviews Duane Tsutsui and Terry Byland from Second Sight about their new Argus II prosthetic eye system. Argus II provides artificial vision for those with who have lost vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa and requires the user to have functional photoreceptors and optic nerve. The Argus II system is composed of 1) a visual sensor surgically implanted into the eye in front of the retina, 2) a special pair of glasses that provides power to the implant and wirelessly receives its signals, and 3) a portable video processor unit. Argus II currently provides 58 electrodes of resolution on the retina with a 20 deg field of view, both of which will improve over time. Later versions of the device will also provide artificial vision for those without functional photoreceptors or an optic nerve. The setting is the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego.

Learn more at http://secondsight.com

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First HomeKit-Compatible Security Camera: Omna 180Cam HD from D-Link

Omna in my handYou’ve heard me complain about the setup process for virtually every device from the Amazon Echo to the Hue Lightbulbs, but this time it’s another story. D-Link just started shipping the Omna 180 Cam HD, the very first HomeKit-compatible indoor security camera and it’s fabulous.

Steve has been wanting an indoor security camera for a long time, but he wouldn’t go with one that wasn’t HomeKit compatible for security reasons. When the Omna was announced, I pre-ordered it directly from Apple, with the plan to give it to him on his birthday in April.

But then I realized two things. A) I couldn’t wait to give it to him, and B) having this installed before we go on a 2 week vacation makes more sense. We have a TSA Agent who lives in our house while we’re gone, but for when she’s not around this would be really useful. The other thing that helped my decision to give it to him early was that it arrived more than a week early!

The Omna is really small. It’s only 2 inches in diameter and round 5 inches tall. It’s a silver cylinder with a fisheye lens about a quarter of the way down from the top. Before I tell you everything it does, let’s talk about what’s normally the annoying part, the setup. Continue reading “First HomeKit-Compatible Security Camera: Omna 180Cam HD from D-Link”

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