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Why I Think Sleep Tracking is Dumb

Sleep++ showing 95percent restful sleepI’m one of the lucky people who sleeps extremely well. Many years ago I established with Steve what we called the Rule of Nine Hours. That rule said he was not allowed to awaken me until I had slept 9 hours and it was after 9am. One day he decided to see what would happen if he simply didn’t awaken me at all. He gave up waiting after 12 hours.

I tell you this so you’ll immediately dismiss what I’m about to say because I clearly cannot understand or be sympathetic to those who have trouble sleeping. That may or may not be true but I hope you read on anyway if only so you can argue with me when I’m done.

I love metrics. I love the process of measuring and I love looking at the data and analyzing it. I love the whole “quantified self” craze especially as it relates to health. You’ve heard me drone on and on about counting steps, counting calories burned, counting stands and more.

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