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Dumb Question Corner – Can I Mark Up Emails with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro?

Rod Simmons of the SMR Podcast wrote to me a while back with a great dumb question. His boss wanted to get an iPad Pro specifically to be able to mark up emails using the Apple Pencil and return them to the sender. This was an interesting question and I think I have an answer for him.

In iOS, we have the Share icon in the upper right on most applications. The Share icon opens up a world of options, but for some reason the Share icon doesn’t exist in Mail on iOS. On the Mac you could print to PDF, but that’s not available on iOS. But actually, it is, in possibly the most arcane, hidden method I’ve ever seen on an Apple product.

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NAB 2017: GoPro Karma Drone and Grip

Allison interviews Jake Barz from GoPro about their innovative Karma drone. The Karma is a quadcopter with collapsable propeller arms and landing gear for enhanced portability. It houses a GoPro camera (Hero3 and up) in a front-mounted, 3-axis gimbal with a built-in gimbal dampening system. What makes the Karma unique is how the user can easily dismount the gimbal from the drone and quickly mount it to the GoPro Grip handle for handheld steadicam video. The Karma kit also includes a padded backpack tailored to the Karma, a battery/charger, and a proprietary controller with high res screen for first person viewing during flight. The setting is the NAB Show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Learn more at

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