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CCATP #518 – Joe Dugandzic on How He Went from Youtuber to Full-Time Project/Marketing Manager at Lynky

Lynky showing screenJoe Dugandzic of Smarter Home Life has been on the show several times in the past year talking about Home Automation. This time he’s on to talk about how being a Youtuber working on Home Automation landed him a full-time job at a home automation startup company called Lynky. It’s a story of his technical chops, grammar skills, his good sense about marketing, and his deep knowledge of Home Automation that helped him become the marketing and project manager for the Lynky Home Intelligence Hub.

You can find Lynky at Joe also talks about how he found a woman named Heather Mingo, the perfect voiceover artist to redo the Lynky marketing video through, . The video for Lynky can be found on YouTube of course!

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