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CCATP #537 – Bart Busschots on PBS 54 – More Bootstrap Utilities

In this week’s episode of Programming By Stealth, Bart Busschots takes us through the last bit of the Utilities for Bootstrap 4. We’l refer to the WABAC Machine (kids, ask your parents about Sherman and Mr. Peabody) to installments 8 and 9 comparing positioning with CSS vs. Bootstrap. Thenwe’ll learn about sizes and float utilities, Flexbox utilities, and Screen Reader utilities. It’s great fun and of course Bart has his excellent companion tutorial at… and you can find Dorothy’s awesome index of all things Programming By Stealth at

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3 thoughts on “CCATP #537 – Bart Busschots on PBS 54 – More Bootstrap Utilities

  1. Allister - May 21, 2018

    The way I remember which is margin and which is padding is by referencing a printed page, which has only one of these. The margins of a page are its outermost edges – which happily mirrors the CSS box model.

  2. Donald Burr - May 24, 2018

    Ooh, I just came up with a mnemonic to remember **C**ontent **P**adding / **B**order **M**argin, and I think you’re gonna like it:

    **C**aptain **P**icard **B**org **M**odifications

    Resistance is futile.

  3. Bart Busschots - May 25, 2018

    That’s simply superb Donald!

    I can even add to it a little — the order content, padding, border, margin is from the inside out, and that work for Borg Picard too — it’s still Jeanluc on the inside, so C P is on the inside!

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