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CCATP #552 – Steve Harris on Mac App Store Improvements & Dark Mode

This week our guest is someone you’ve heard me mention a hundred times, Steve Harris of Reinvented Software. It’s because of Steve’s application Feeder that you’ve been getting all of my podcasts delivered to you. He’s also the developer of Keep It that you’ve been hearing me talk about more recently. I asked Steve onto the show to talk about the pain points of the Mac App Store for developers and how Apple has been addressing them and improving things. It’s encouraging to hear from a real developer about how much better things are now and how hopeful he is about the future of the Mac App Store for developers and users.

We also talk about the development of the new Dark Mode in macOS Mojave and the implications to developers. It’s great fun to talk to Steve because he’s easily as silly and sarcastic as I am.

You can find Steve’s applications at, and you can find him on Twitter @steveharris or reinventedapps,

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