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CCATP #554 – Dr. Maryanne Garry on Persuasion with Facts and Data

Garry Maryanne February 2017Dr. Maryanne Garry, a scientific researcher into memory, memory distortions, fans memories, the myth of repression and its overlap with the laws from the University of Waikato in New Zealand joins us again on Chit Chat Across the Pond. In this interview, Dr. Garry refers to the book “Mistakes were Made (but Not by Me)” by Carol Tavris.

This time she’s here to answer my questions about why facts and data don’t seem to work to change people’s minds. She explains the effects of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias, and then explains what you can do to persuade people. She illustrates these concepts with real examples and somehow something bad happens to a frog.

You can follow Doctor Garry on Twitter @drlambchop

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