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I took on the challenge of creating a tutorial for my favorite mind mapping app, iThoughts from toketaWare for Mac, Windows and iOS. Creating a screencast tutorial is the best way to learn a tool, and this one was no exception. I’ve been using it for over five years and had no idea of the depth of capability of iThoughts. If you’re not yet a member of ScreenCasts Online, you can watch the full tutorial with a free trial. You also get full access to the back catalog of videos during the trial period. Warning: you will want to become a member if you do the free trial.

Here’s a link to the full video on… and the preview:

Here’s the video byline to give you an idea of what you’ll learn watching this:

Mind maps are a terrific method to capture and then organize ideas for any kind of project. iThoughts from toketaWare is a power user mind mapping tool. It’s designed for the Mac and iOS, and also runs on Windows. With advanced features like built-in research tools, Markdown support, and animated slide creation, iThoughts might be the tool you need to help organize anything from a complex project to writing the next great novel.

In this week’s show, Allison dives deep into iThoughts on both macOS and iOS to show you how incredibly useful and powerful this top-notch mind mapping application is.

The full tutorial covers:

Pricing & Availability
Why not an outline?
Mac User Interface
Zoom and Focus
Collapse & Expand with Numbers
Color palette
Icons and Library Images
Insert your images
Search and Filter
Animated Slides
Adding More Central Nodes
Links between nodes
Safari extension
Export options
iThoughts for iPad
Markdown in notes
Outline view
Full screen mode
Deleting items
Selecting items using touch
Options & Settings

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