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HashPhotos Tutorial on ScreenCasts Online

Back in June, I told you about an awesome app for iOS called HashPhotos. I like to think of HashPhotos as a better front-end GUI to your Apple Photos Library. My blog post was pretty in depth, but it turns out there’s a ton more cool stuff that it can do than I realized at the time. I discovered these new features because I decided to teach HashPhotos for the ScreenCasts Online subscribers. No better way to learn a tool than to have to teach it.

After creating the tutorial, I moved HashPhotos to the home screen on my iOS devices and moved Apple Photos to the second screen. That’s how much I love this tool.

I’m super proud of the tutorial and I hope you’ll consider doing the 7-day free trial of ScreenCasts Online so you can watch it. You can find the full tutorial at screencastsonline.com/… and to get you excited, here’s the teaser video:

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