CES 2019: APH Devices for Blind Readers

Allison interviews Craig Meador and Dave Wilkinson from the American Printing House about two new devices being developed to assist blind readers. The first is the Canute from Bristol Braille Technology. The Canute features nine lines of forty characters of Braille. It supports all six-dot Braille codes and tactile graphics. The second is the Graphiti from Orbit Research. The Graphiti allows students and adults to access a wide variety of on-screen graphics by touch. It is made of a 40 x 60 grid of variable-height, equidistant pins. Both the Canute and Graphiti are currently undergoing expert review and test. The setting is the CES show floor at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. Learn more at http://www.bristolbraille.co.uk/ and https://www.aph.org/graphiti/.

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