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CCATP #609 – Bart Busschots on PBS 82 of X – Async & Await

A quick note here – Dorothy, aka @maclurker in our Slack group has been applying all of her newly-acquired programming skills from PBS to her fabulous PBS Index. She’s now using Mustache templates, Bootstrap styling utilities, and even AJAX with JSON. The result is a beautiful thing to behold, giving us immediate results as you start to search and more. Bart has now made a permanent URL for the PBS Index, it’s bartb.ie/pbsindex.

Since Bart works for a University, summers are not a time of rest and relaxation for the system admin staff, they’re the only time upgrades and maintenance can get done because the students are gone. In the future, we think we’ll plan our summer hiatus for Programming By Stealth rather than it taking us by surprise each year.

In any case, we’re back with a new installment where we attempt to dust off Allison’s brain and learn about two new promise-related keywords, async and await. Both of these keywords were actually added to the core JavaScript language, so this doesn’t happen that often.

With async and await, we can actually get away from doing promise chains and create much more readable code while still being able to control parallel and in series tasks. Bart had to drag me along a bit in this one but I saw the beauty of it when we were done.

Bart’s fabulous tutorial shownotes can be found at pbs.bartificer.net/…

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