Sandman Doppler and Standard Sandman Clocks

CES 2020: Sandman Doppler by PAI Labs

Allison interviews Alex Tramiel, CEO of Palo Alto Innovation, about their new Sandman Doppler clock. (Spoiler Alert: there may have been a Shaquille O’ Neal sighting during the interview). PAI has taken the design of their original Sandman Clock and made several improvements including adding audio capability with stereo speakers, Amazon Alexa, 6 USB charging ports, and both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Doppler provides a dashboard for a quick glance of traffic conditions, weather, or your calendar. It has smart buttons that can be customized to select home automation, streaming music, and other functions. The Doppler even has a customizable display and notification bar that allows you to select a range of colors. Sandman Doppler is due for release in Q1 of 2020. The setting is the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas.
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