iKuddle Smart Litter Box with Deodorizer

CES 2020: iKuddle Smart Home for Cats

Allison interviews Clementine Yang from iKuddle about their smart home system designed for cats. The iKuddle system includes a smart litter box that automatically scoops cat waste from the clean litter and packs the waste into a small bag. It also has an automated deodorizing system which extracts unpleasant odors using a carbon filter. The iKuddle system also comes with a smart feeder which includes a camera and a speaker that, when coupled with an AI system, recognizes which of your cats is feeding, as well as a smart water fountain that includes an embedded sensor to monitor how often your cat drinks. All of the iKuddle components are connected to a mobile app that allows you to monitor your cat’s eating, drinking and waste activities throughout the day. iKuddle is in development funded by Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns and the ship date has not yet been set. The setting is CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.
Learn more at https://www.ikuddle.com

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