Wi-Charge Wireless IR Transmitter Plugged into Wall Outlet

CES 2020: Wi-Charge Wireless Power Delivery

Allison interviews Yuval Boger from Wi-Charge about their devices that deliver power over relatively long ranges without wires. Wi-Charge can deliver enough power to charge mobile phones, smart-home IoT devices, AR/VR goggles, and many other devices over-the-air at room-sized distances without losing power. This approach can eliminate the need for batteries and power cords in some applications. Wi-Charge uses a Transmitter to generate infrared light for safe transmission to a compact Receiver that converts the infrared energy to electrical power. The Transmitter automatically tracks the Receiver mounted on the powered device as it moves in order to focus the infrared light and minimize over-the-air loss. A single Transmitter can power multiple moving Receivers at a time. Wi-Charge is currently focused on selling to vendors who want to embed wireless power delivery into their products. The setting is CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.
Learn more at https://www.wi-charge.com/

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