Front and Back Sides of Passive Bolt Smart Lock Module

CES 2020: Passive Bolt Touch Activated Smart Lock

Allison interviews Kabir Maiga from Passive Bolt about their new smart lock. The Passive Bolt module is installed with your existing deadbolt to convert it into a touch-activated smart lock. This method allows you to unlock your deadbolt using your existing physical keys from the exterior if desired. You can lock and unlock the Passive Bolt with a touch sensor (no fingerprint required) and a virtual key stored on your smartphone or smartwatch within close proximity. Passive Bolt can be connected with your home network and remotely operated through Zigbee, Z-Wave, or WiFi. You can also remotely assign temporary or one-time-use keys to visitors who you want to provide access to your home. Passive Bolt supplies their module as a white label product to partners (such as Shepherd Lock) who add a branded cover. The setting is CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.
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