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CES 2020: AHS CoPilot Car Seat Alert System

Allison Sheridan interviews Gina Bigge from American Home Safety about their CoPilot Car Seat Alert System. The CoPilot automatically sends an alert to parents and caregivers if they happen to leave their baby in a car seat as soon as they walk away from the car. The CoPilot attaches to the straps of your existing infant/car seat and signals a key chain alarm if separated by 10 feet from the car seat. The alarm is deactivated when the car seat straps are unbuckled. The CoPilot Alert system helps to prevent the tragedy of inadvertently locking a child in a hot car, an all-too-common occurrence that results from hectic lives and lapses of memory. The setting is Showstoppers at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.
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