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CCATP #631 — Rosemary Orchard on Shortcuts

Rosemary Orchard headshotThis week we have the brilliant Rosemary Orchard on the show. Rosemary is the author of the Take Control of Shortcuts book and co-host of the Automators Podcast with David Sparks at I asked Rosemary to come on the show because I absolutely love automation (maybe not as much as her) but I have never figured out a single Shortcut that was actually useful to me.

I asked her to come on and I would play the recalcitrant child saying “Shortcuts are dumb!” and she would play the part of the patient teacher and show me how to do some useful things. We had an absolute blast and I think you’ll be as blown away as I am by how capable Shortcuts are. Hopefully you’ll be inspired like I am now to get some things done with them too.

You can find out more about Rosemary at

mp3 download

In the episode she mentioned a video tutorial she did on how to populate an Airtable base using Shortcuts:

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