Charmin RollBot Topped with Fresh Roll of Toilet Paper

CES 2020: Charmin RollBot

Our 48th and final interview at CES 2020 is rather appropriate for the unusual times in which we find ourselves. Allison interviews Gregg Weaver from the Charmin GoLab about their latest innovation, the Charmin RollBot*. According to a survey commissioned by Charmin and conducted online by The Harris Poll, 58 percent of people ages 18-34 admit to being on the toilet before realizing they had run out of toilet paper. RollBot is a first-of-its-kind robot that, when controlled with a smartphone using Bluetooth, delivers a fresh roll of Charmin to you so you won’t have to be left in a bind ever again. Its futuristic design uses self-balancing technology to give it a more bear-morphous look. Other conceptual products being examined by Charmin’s GoLab are the SmellSense and V.I.Pee. We’ll leave the purpose of these innovative products to your imagination. The setting is Pepcom’s Digital Experience at CES at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.
* RollBot was demonstrated at the P&G LifeLab booth at CES 2020. Unfortunately, it will not be available for retail sale.

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