ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger for the Home

CES 2020: ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger

Allison interviews Danny Allen from ChargePoint about their Home Flex home charger for Electric Vehicles. ChargePoint is the leading provider of EV charging solutions. The company operates the largest network of charging stations across the U.S. ChargePoint’s Home Flex is a 240-volt Level 2 charger that can deliver from 16 to 50 amps of power yielding a charge rate of up to 37 miles of range per hour. Some homes will require an electrical upgrade to support the higher amperage and faster charge. ChargePoint comes with a mobile app that controls and monitors your EV charging. The ChargePoint app allows you to:

  • Get reminders to plug in
  • Track all your charging in one place
  • Find places to charge away from home
  • Connect to your smart home

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