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CES 2020: Fasetto Forum In-Person Presentation Solution

Allison interviews Steve Walters from Fasetto about Forum, their unique solution for delivering presentations in person. Forum allows you to connect people from your laptop to their screens without needing the internet. Forum achieves this by setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows people to simply join your network and view whatever is on your presentation screen through a browser. Any WiFi-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop can connect regardless of platform. Some of Forum’s features include:

  • Share your screen directly to audience devices to show videos, apps, or real-time demos
  • Discretely field questions from connected audience members and see who asked what and sort the most popular questions
    Make files of any type downloadable to audience members any time during a presentation
  • Poll audiences and aggregate their answers over multiple meetings to see trends
  • Collect audience contact information for follow-up

You can expand your audience size and range with an additional Wi-Fi router. Forum includes a service with a monthly charge that depends on the number of audience members you need to support. The setting is CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

Learn more at https://fasetto.com/

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