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CES 2020: Neofect – Gamifying Lower Extremity and Fine Motor Rehabilitation

Allison interviews Patrick Cummings from Neofect about their Smart Balance system designed for lower extremity rehabilitation. Smart Balance is composed of a platform on which you stand that contains sensors to track your movements and changes in pressure of your stance. It also has a band you wear around your chest that supplements motion tracking. The Smart Balance system uses your motion to control a game that is displayed on a TV screen (think Dance Dance Revolution). This system makes it more enjoyable and engaging to perform the repetitions required to rehabilitate lower extremity impairment, such as that resulting from a stroke. Patrick also shows the Smart Glove, Neofect’s flagship device. Like Smart Balance, the Smart Glove helps in rehabilitation through gamification, but in this case, targeting fine motor recovery. Smart Glove is used in homes driven by the patient or in hospitals driven by the therapist.

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