Ring Smart Lighting: "Security Has Come To Light"

CES 2020: Ring Smart Lighting Solutions

Allison interviews Nicholas Morford from Ring about their latest smart lighting products. These products do not have a camera and therefore don’t record video. However, all of the Ring Smart Lights can be linked together through the Ring Bridge. This device transmits and receives a propriety signal to all of your Ring devices out to a radius of 1000 ft. Once linked, any device on the Ring network can activate another device on the network. So, for example, if a Ring Smart light is triggered by its motion sensor it can be linked to a Ring camera that will begin recording video, or vice-versa. Other Ring Lighting products Nicholas shows are the Floodlight (Wired, Battery and Solar versions), the Pathlight which is staked into the ground, and the battery-powered Steplight. The setting is the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Learn more at https://ring.com/

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