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CCATP #635 — Bart Busschots on PBS 94 of X — Basic JavaScript OO with Class

Allison diagrams classes constructors and instances
My Diagram Explaining Classes, Constructors, Objects and Instances

In the early days of Programming By Stealth, Bart tried to explain JavaScript classes, objects and instances. He talked about it in Installment 17 before ES6, and then took another run at it in installments 27-31. But it never felt to Bart like he had explained it in a way that made it clear.

In installment 94, Bart finally nails it. I told him the shownotes for this installment might be the best he’s ever done. Everything he explains is clear and concise, the examples are superb, and we get to say Hoonyaker a lot. Instead of being frustrated and confused, I was smiling through all of it because I finally get it. I also told him that I feel far less stupid than I did before because I always thought it was my failing that I didn’t get it. I enjoyed this so much I drew Bart a picture of what he’d taught and he said I nailed it!

You can find these legendary shownotes at pbs.bartificer.net/pbs94.

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