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CCATP #639 — Lory Gil on All Things Apple

Lory gil
Lory Gil of iMore

On this week’s episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, I was joined by the most awesome Lory Gil, managing editor of iMore and co-host of MacBreak Weekly on the TWiT network. Lory and I had an absolute blast talking about all things Apple. We talked about the supposedly seamless interface of the Magic Trackpad for iPad Pro and why when things we never had before arrive only 50-70% baked and then we feel like something was taken away. Then we talked about WWDC and whether we’re looking forward to new operating systems after the somewhat challenging experience we all went through last year. Then we have some fun speculating on rumored hardware products for this year like iPhone 12, Apple Tags, and AirPods Studio.

Lory and I had a fabulous time chatting and we’ve already planned out the next Chit Chat we’ll do. If you’d like to follow Lory online, she’s @appaholik on Twitter, @lorygil on most other social media and you can even email her at [email protected]. And of course you should go read all of her great work over at

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