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NC #784 Happy 15-Year Anniversary & Security Bits

Hi, this is Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Apple Podcast, hosted at, a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias. Today is Sunday, May 17, 2020, and this is show number 784 and it’s also the 15-year anniversary of the NosillaCast!

That’s 784 NosillaCast episodes, 638 Chit Chats Across various ponds including 37 Terminals Tamed, and 96 Programmings by Stealth since I first picked up a microphone fifteen years ago this week. That sure is a lot of writing and talking!

I’ll be playing all of the wonderful recordings people have sent in, and then we’ll have a session of Security Bits after that.

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Chit Chat Across the Pond

This installment of Programming By Stealth is a solutions show all about the clock assignment from PBS 92. Bart’s been quite busy this week designing an entirely new distance final exam system for the university where he works so he asked if I’d take on half of the content by presenting my solution to the clock challenge. I have had an absolute blast on this assignment so I gladly accepted. I walk through my approach and some of the challenges I met along the way, and then Bart complements mine by talking about a few things he did quite differently. We both had a great time and I think Bart even learned something from me at one point.

You can find Bart’s fabulous tutorial shownotes at

The Live Show Audience

Before I play the wonderful listener contributions, I wanted to take a moment to share a little bit myself on this 15-year anniversary. I’ve thought a lot about what to say about the show and what it means to me, but it’s really hard. Hard because I can either go through every little detail, like “here’s when I got rid of the stock teal theme on the website!” or “who can forget when I changed web hosts, that was fun, right?” or I can simply say, “Wow that was fun.” I’ve decided to talk about just two things that had the biggest impact on me.

I think the single biggest change in 15 years was when we started doing the live show. Even though 98% of you have never come to a live show, its existence has affected you. Because of the live show, I started to get real-time feedback as I was doing the recordings. Instead of me speaking alone into a mic, I had an audience. I know you were always there, but now it feels like an audience. My stories are more interesting, my enthusiasm more pronounced, and my angst about bad products or services is perhaps more theatrical.

But the main thing is that it’s 100X more fun to do the show because of the weirdos who do show up (I’m looking at you, Frank.) Sometimes I take it for granted and then for some technical or scheduling problem I have to do the show on my own and I realize how lonely it used to be.

The other big effect that I love about the live show is that it really brought Steve more into the show. Or should I call him “Husband Steve”? I thought he was just going to take over the heavy lifting of the show’s production and never realized that so many people would become his life-long friends. He’s the love of my life and for you to appreciate him makes it all even better.

So if you don’t go to the live show, know that the recorded show is better because of it.


I also know that the show would not be what it is today with Bart Busschots. It’s not just that we wouldn’t be as safe in our computing lives and so well educated in security. It’s not just that he took a budding desire of mine to learn to program and turned me (and many others) into full-fledged programmers. It’s not that he put in thousands of hours writing documentation for us in both fields.

It’s that this man, whom I’ve only met once in my life, became one of my very dearest friends. We chat constantly in text messaging, we get together well before recording and talk about everything from exercise to the latest episode of Deep Space 9 to our family and work. People in meat space have tried to convince me that online relationships aren’t real and to that, I say phooey. My life is richer because of Bart’s contributions to you.

The Community Talks

When Steve and I asked for audio clips about how you felt about the show, we had no idea how many we would get, and how they would warm our hearts with the kind messages, and make us laugh with the snarky comments. You’re going to hear a lot about never missing a show in 15 years and because honesty matters, I need to slightly correct that. The first show was on May 13, 2005 and I did four shows and stopped for exactly 4 weeks, and then started up on July 5th 2005. From there I haven’t missed a show. But let’s not quibble about that, ok?

It’s time to hear from you. Where else to start but with the head weirdo, Frank Petrie:

Frank Petrie

Congratulations Allison on the NosillaCast 15th anniversary. What attracts me most to the podcast is that you’re informative, entertaining, and well over four foot.

Dorothy Rendon

Hello, this is Dorothy, also known as MacLurker. I wanted to say congratulations to Allison and Steve for reaching a great milestone. Thanks to you, we’ve enjoyed 15 years of Apple tech talk without interruption. That is quite the achievement. Not only the podcast, but creating the Nosillacast community and including just about anyone, including those Android guys.

Thank you, Allison (and Steve) for creating & preserving this special community. I would certainly be a smaller person without it. Congratulations on maintaining the same high standards for 15 years. Keep it up. I can’t get enough.

Terry Austin

Hi there, this is Professor Terry Austin and I’d like to take just a few moments to acknowledge the 15 year anniversary of podfeet. In keeping with a fine tradition, let’s start with a problem to be solved. Back in 2008, there’s this Windows power user who’s absolutely sick of Windows and in need of some guidance getting used to his new Mac. So I started a hard target search, looking for podcast with an ever so slight Apple bias. Of course, I found Allison, along with a few other podcasters who were there to help me get quickly up to speed on my new platform.

I’m a science professor, whose classroom has always been tech heavy. On a website where students can rate their professors, one student commented way back in 2004, that “this guy’s got enough technology to run the Mars Rover from his classroom!”

So my desire to get up to speed on the Mac as soon as possible was paramount. Allison truly did shine a guiding light on my path of discovery. I pretty quickly found an internet home among the Castaways. In 2013, when I was fortunate enough to attend the Castaways party at Macworld where I got to meet Allison and Steve in person, you’d have thought that they were welcoming a long lost friend, and for all intents and purposes, they were.

Over the years I have contributed more reviews and commentary than I can count. I’ve gotten to be a guest a couple of times on Chit Chat. Heck, I even got the true pleasure of designing that by now familiar Chit Chat logo. Over the years, both Allison and the intrepid Steve have shown their dedication to this wacky band of geeks.

So, as we reach this auspicious benchmark of 15 years of enlightening us and entertaining us without missing a single week, I’ve got to say thank you for the ride. I came into this back in 2008 when Allison and Steve had podfeet well underway. I’ve traveled with you from being a novice to being the Mac uber-geek that my colleagues, friends, and family seek out when they need help. I would not be in this position without having had your help along the way.

So let’s turn back to our original problem to be solved. Back in 2008. I was a new Mac user, leaving his Windows power user status to venture forth into a brave new world with an ever so slight Apple bias. I was looking for guidance. And along with that, I found friendship. I’m going to call this problem solved. And I’m going to thank Allison for her guidance along this path. It’s been a blast. And I look forward to all the years to come with Allison, Steve, and all of the Castaways.

When I think about how I help people grow technically like Terry, all I can think of is the people I learn from. And knowing that people like Terry pass along their knowledge makes me happy to be part of the chain of happiness. I want to also point out that Terry made not just the Chit Chat Across the Pond logo, he also drew the little feet on my signature!

Barry Fulk

Hi Allison and Steve. This is Barry from Chicago. I wanted to pass along my huge thanks and appreciation for everything you’ve done and created in the last 15 years. It’s always a pleasure listening to your show from the interviews to the biweekly security updates with Bart. We often talk about community. You two are truly the foundation that makes it so wonderful. Your spirit, thoughtfulness, and charm are amazing. Cheers to both of you.

Barry has done more than anyone I know to help keep the Apple community alive and thriving so thanks for that!

Trevor Drover

Next up let’s hear from Trevor Drover from Australia:

Congratulations Alison, for your dedication to the ever so slightly Apple biased community. Fifteen years of continual podcast is a great achievement. I first discovered an exciting enthusiast Allison doing guest spots on the light Tim Verpoorten’s Mac Review Cast. That was more than ten years ago. Those short sessions were not enough so I subscribed to the NosillaCast and have been a faithful listener and occasional contributor since.

When Allison came to Australia for a Mac Mania cruise in November 2012, I could not pass up the opportunity to drive to Sydney for the night to meet Allison and Steve in person. I was also fortunate enough to spend the evening with Rose Matthews, Doug Ingram, Allister Jenks, Steven Summer, Don McAllister, and Jean McDonald, all fantastic people naturally, as we’re all part of Allison’s extended family. Thank you, Allison, for all that you do for us.

Thanks for mentioning Tim Verpoorten, Trevor. I sure owe a lot to him for not just giving me the voice to a bigger audience, but as a friend that we were lucky to know. Trevor left one bit out of his story of meeting us in Australia. After the big meetup where we met, there was a knock at our hotel room door. It was Trevor bringing us a fabulous bottle of red wine. How could we not become friends for life?

Ed Tobias

The next recording is from Ed Tobias:

It just occurred to me that I’ve been listening to your show for almost a quarter of my life. And I’m older than you are. So that means you’ve been doing it longer than that percentage-wise. When I first started listening to your podcast almost 15 years ago, I thought your voice sounded familiar. And then your name sounded familiar. And then you mentioned your husband Steve and that just clinched it. I know her, I used to work with her and her husband Steve back in the 80s. It certainly is a very small world.

Since that time we’ve been getting together for coffee and trading coding stories and rekindling our friendship. But all that aside, even if we never knew each other, I would have listened to your podcast, because it is one of the best ones out there. I would say it is the best but then you’d get a big head and we couldn’t have that.

Your content is interesting, especially with a not so slight Apple bias. And you and Bart have taught me so much over the years that I feel I’ve earned another college degree. I want to congratulate you and Steve for such a tremendous achievement. And thank you for all that you do. I look forward to the next 15 years, and to our next cup of coffee. And I will certainly stay subscribed.

I love this because I actually had no idea that Ed listened long before he realized that he knew me! We do have a lot of fun talking programming, all because of Bart. And you’re right – it is like getting another college degree!

Joe Duganzic

Here’s Joe Duganzic with his story of becoming a Castaway:

Well hey Allison and Steve. Before I launch into my little story here that has to be less than 99 and 6/13 seconds, congratulations on 15 years of NosillaCast and podfeet. It’s … that’s certainly something. I’ll admit that I didn’t know Alison and Steve at all really. I’d seen Alison on the TWiT network, I think on Mac Break Weekly, and then happened to run into her.

Maybe it was fate, who knows, at CES 2017 at the Elgato Smart Home booth. And I was like, I’ve got to go say hi to her, I recognized her face, but I didn’t remember her name. So anyways, 30 seconds of conversation, exchanged business cards, and then I started making some appearances and started to make some content for the NosillaCast and podfeet and Chit Chat Across the Pond and Allison has graciously appeared on the show that I used to run (Smarter Home Life). It’s blossomed into one of those friendships – Allison and Steve they’re just great people and you feel like after a few minutes you seem to have known them for many many years when it’s just been a short while.

Anyways, the digital things that I’ve done in the media world have only lasted about 5 years or so. And so 15 years, that’s an accomplishment. I mean that’s a huge commitment of time. Allison, you’ve somehow convinced Steve to help you, I think throughout the entire process and that’s a huge commitment of his time too and you guys work well together, obviously. Is this 99 seconds? Maybe a little bit over. Anyways, cheers to you guys and to 15 years of NosillaCast and podfeet. And here’s to 15 more.

I thought for sure that Joe would mention that running into us at the Elgato booth at CES ended up with us tricking him into going horseback riding in Arizona!

Kevin Allder

Hello Steve, Allison, and the rest of the NosillaCastaways. It’s Kevin here, aka Steve’s wingman and Big in Virginia to a lot of people. I just wanted to record a huge congratulations to Allison for reaching such a colossal milestone with the podcast. 15 years is an amazing milestone for almost anything, especially in podcasting.

I am so lucky to have found this wonderful show, and being able to listen to it every week, and all the great work, Allison puts into it. The product reviews and recommendations have helped me so much. Not to mention cost me a few dollars along the way. Gladly and happily spent based on the wonderful information I received.

Also when talking about the podcast, we can’t forget the supporting cast, like Bart with his amazing contributions to the show, related to security and programming work. Well done, Bart.

And of course, certainly I can’t forget my wingman Steve, the real driving force behind the show as only he and I know. I have to protect him and deflect the spears and arrows that Allison hurls at him during the show in the chat room.

Ah yes, the chat room. I’ve made so many amazing friends there that should I try to mention them all, it would take up an entire episode of the show itself. So a big thank you to all my friends here and I really do truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Well I guess that’s it. Just remember, as always if you need excellent product reviews and interesting takes on what’s happening in the technology world, be sure to listen to the NosillaCast. And again, Allison and Steve a huge congratulations, my friends, and thank you for allowing me to be a very small part of this amazing podcast for more years and I can count now.

Kevin is one of the driving forces of the live chat room and one of the reasons we feel so strongly about the community there. He does give me a hard time, but even I have to admit that Steve needs protecting from time to time. But let’s hear the other side of this story…

Sandy Foster

Hello, I’m Sandy, and I’m a NosillaCastaway. I’m wishing Allison and Steve huge congratulations on the fifteenth anniversary of the NosillaCast podcast!

I can’t really remember when I began listening to the NosillaCast, but I think that it was around the time when I bought my first iPhone, which was in the summer of 2010. One of the things I heard and that made me think that I was destined to enjoy the podcast was that Allison and Steve share a birthday, both with each other and with my own daughter, whose name just happens to be Allison, too! Somehow, that little bit of trivia caught my attention, and I kept listening and enjoying what I was hearing.

Several years later, I finally gathered my courage and joined the NosillaCastaways in the live chat room during the recording of the podcast, and I immediately felt so welcomed that I’ve gone back each week, despite the fact that I’m not as knowledgeable in tech as many of the group. One of my main jobs in the chat room is to keep Kevin in line so he doesn’t make fun of Allison — or not too much fun, at least. 😉

My most memorable moment was making an audio review for the show, during which there was some sort of glitch resulting in a loud honking noise. Yikes! Some day I hope to live that one down! In the meantime, congratulations again on a wonderful podcast and fifteen years of it. Thank you.

I think it’s important to note that while Steve has his Wingman Kevin, I needed Sandy to take on the important role of Wingwoman. In all seriousness, it was a great delight for Steve and me to get to meet Sandy when we went to CES. I don’t know if you realize this, but Sandy often proofreads my blog posts. For some reason I can see typos in anyone else’s written text a mile away, but in my own writing, all mistakes are invisible. So you have Sandy to thank for the improved quality of the blog post for the last few years.

Andrew Darlow

Hi Allison, Andrew Darlow here, from the great state of New Jersey and just wanted to send you and Steve, a big 15-year congratulations for all that you’ve done on the NosillaCast. Plus your amazing interviews that you do at CES, and so much more. And thank you to all the Castaways who provide fantastic tips. I’m going to have at least one for you, very soon. So here’s to another 15 years, and more.

Thanks Andrew – and I can’t wait to hear your tip!

Tom Merritt

And now for a little missive from Tom Merritt:

Allison likes to tell the story of how we first met at a podcast conference when she mistook me for someone else and I gave her a dirty look because I didn’t understand what she was saying.

But I prefer to think of our acquaintanceship and subsequent friendship beginning in 2009, when Allison first sent me a useful tip because I think that’s what characterizes Allison. It was October 29, 2009, when I published the results of that tip. You see the thing that I was trying to solve was being able to plug in my Verizon MiFi, one of those little things that you carry around and you can share your data connection over WiFi with other people. At the time, if you used the USB cable that came with the MiFi and plugged it into your laptop to charge, it would see it as a modem and then you couldn’t share the WiFi anymore. In fact, I was trying to solve a particular problem caused by that in the CNET video that I shot in October 2009. Here it is:

“I ran into this issue at an airport when I wanted to charge them my fi and share it with my colleague, but I couldn’t find an extra electrical outlet. Thanks to Allison Sheridan at the Nozillacast podcast for the solution.”

That would be the NosillaCast podcast and Allison Sheridan, hey, I finally learned how to pronounce it! It only took from 2009 to 2020. But yeah, that tip has turned into something useful for me over the years as it introduced me to that idea of the cable that didn’t carry data, and that is a valuable thing to have with you if you’re plugging into unknown USB ports and need to charge your phone but you don’t want to risk getting hacked, so thank you Allison for that.

Thank you for 15 years of NosillaCast and podfeet, and … congratulations.

The thing I admire the most about Tom is how he always gives people credit for their contributions and how he can recall their names even years later. I clearly remember my absolute delight when he not only used my tip, but gave me credit by name and showed my website. That’s when I realized the power of publicly giving people credit. Now if he could just teach me how to remember peoples’ names!

Rod Simmons

Hey Allison, this is Rod Simmons with the SMR podcast. Wanted to say congratulations to you on your crystal anniversary, 15 years recording the NosillaCast podcast. If I’m correct, I started listening to you back around the time that Tiger came out, because that’s when they went to the Intel platform and I’ve been listening to you ever since, all the way through Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, and Catalina. And I’m hoping I got that order right because this is a Mac podcast so if I missed something, I’d feel like a jerk. Congratulations again, and keep up the good work.

I had no idea Rod had been listening that long. Rod and his buddies Chris and Robb from SMR being our friends is yet another example of how our life has gotten larger.

Norbert Frassa

First of all, a big, huge, bombastic congratulations to Allison & Steve for celebrating 15 years of the NosillaCast. That’s a major accomplishment and I’m so happy for you both. Well, you asked for listeners to tell you how they came to the podcast. I know I’ve already shared the story with you, but I thought the rest of the Castaways would like to hear it too.

The story actually begins when Tom Merritt transitioned his podcast Tech News Today to his current show Daily Tech News Show. Tom uses a subreddit forum, where listeners are able to submit stories they found interesting for the show. Well, one of the most prolific posters, was a listener, by the name of spsheridan.

After a few shows, there was another podcaster as a guest on Tom’s show by the name of Allison Sheridan, I thought to myself, hmm, I wonder if Allison knows who this spsheridan is. I enjoyed how she covered the news in an entertaining way, so I added the NosillaCast on my podcast app, and the rest is history. Well, lo and behold, after listening to the NosillaCast for a few episodes, I was finally able to deduce the connection.

The NosillaCast has actually been a gateway to other fantastic things. Through the show, I had been introduced to the awesomeness that is Bart, other Castaways that I’ve met in person throughout the years, and online, and even Allison’s arch nemesis, Chuck Joiner.

I have to admit that I’ve been an extra super lucky Castaway to have been able to spend some quality time with Steven Allison during a couple of Macstocks and CESs through the years, I can truly say that they’re both class acts. And in addition to talking tech when they are with you, they also try to get to know you as a person and I really appreciate that. So back to the point at hand.

A big, hearty congratulations to Allison and Steve on your accomplishment. I’m so happy to be in your tech circle. I look forward to the next 15 years of this show. At which point, it’ll probably be transmitted via hologram I’m sure. Again, congratulations.

I’m glad Norbert told the story again because I totally forgot about it. There’s another funny tidbit about the story of Tom and the subredditer in question. Tom had been pronouncing his name “sp-heridan” and also had no connection to me. Tom had a good laugh when he made the connection.

Norbert is what Steve simply calls, “good people”. Even if he is friends with Chuck.

Dave Ginsberg

Hey Allison, it’s Dave Ginsberg here. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful 15th anniversary of your podcast. That is just an awesome milestone. I wish I had been listening earlier at the time you started, but I did catch up towards the end there and really enjoy listening to all the shows you do and all the contributions you give to the community. It was great though when I first met you at Macstock back, gosh in 2015, and you and Chuck welcomed me with open arms and you got me to join the podcast fold and gave me the podcast itch on my podcast, and I really appreciate you being on my show as well. But, I look forward to more continued success with your podcast and all the great content you provide and best wishes for many years to come. Thanks.

Dave mentions MacStock and when things get back on the rails I hope you’ll take Dave’s story as a testimonial about why you should go. The only bad part, as Dave mentions, is of course meeting Chuck Joiner, but they can’t all be winners, right?

Speaking of Macstock, I love Jason Harris’s story:

Jason Harris

I met Allison at my first Macstock in 2018. I don’t remember what one of her podcasts I was listening to before meeting her, but what I do remember and will cherish forever, is that she and Steve sat down at my table at Macstock when they noticed I was sitting by myself for one of the meals there. I listened to all of Allison’s podcasts now except Programming By Stealth. Maybe one of these days I will decide to program and start listening to that one. I do appreciate both Allison and Steve, I love you guys.

Ok, Macstock, right? It’s awesome. When it’s back you need to be there, Jason wouldn’t lie to you!

Claus Wolfe

Dear Allison & Steve,

CONGRATULATIONS on 15 years of NosillaCast Podcast. I don’t quite remember, when I first started listening to you, but it must have been sometime in 2005. I had just acquired my first Mac and fell in love with the machine and the community.

While many podcasts have been added and deleted from my playlist since, your podcast has stayed there all along. It regularly moves to the top of the list, when there are more podcast episodes than time.

I mustn’t forget to thank Bart, who is a key part to the podcast’s success. I cannot begin to count all the things I learned from you all.

You have not just created a wonderful podcast, but an amazing community. The pleasure and satisfaction your podcast gives to me, and certainly all who listen, cannot be expressed in words.

I count myself lucky, since I have had the pleasure to meet you twice: In 2015 we hiked up to the Hollywood Sign and last year we met in Santa Monica. That too makes you special, because it is clear that you live for your community.

Thank you so much for all you and I look forward to many more years! Danke für den Podcast!

I have a funny story about Claus. The first time he came to the US he asked us if we’d like to go hiking with him, specifically up to see the Hollywood sign. The reason that’s funny is that Steve and I had both lived here for around 45 years, and we had never been to see it! Years later Pat’s cousins were visiting from France and we took them to see the Hollywood sign. We took Maryanne to see it too (though not hiking.) Our thing now is that if you come here from a foreign country, and only from a foreign country, we will make you hike the Hollywood sign.

Michael Westbay

Hey Allison and Steve, and NosillaCastaways from around the world. I’m probably the newest cast member, but I had heard Allison on DTNS often over the past few years. The question about Catalina for my daughter prompted me to finally take a look at I had heard that everything good begins there. Anyway, I sent a link to my daughter for the Go64 app that will help you triage 32-bit apps. That was a very handy review, and having gone over it on DTNS recently had it in mind. I now had a new subscription in my podcatcher.

Other than Allison’s wonderful way of describing the world, two people stood out: Bart and Kaylee. I was just getting into JavaScript programming again via node.js, and Bart explained a lot of the new notations I had been observing wonderfully. It actually made me excited about diving into JavaScript again.

Then Allison’s interactions with Kaylee had me doing a double-take with what I thought I was hearing: Did she just slip some Japanese words into that sentence? Oh, Kaylee was delightful to listen to. I then listened to her entire Zetai Geek Dayo line up over December and January. I keep trying to get John Gibson on the Japan baseball weekly podcast to throw in some Japanese words every now and then, but he has a very strict policy against it. Maybe if he listens to Kaylee a bit.

Well, I may be new to the community, but I’m really enjoying it on Discord and Slack. Community is important, be it online or in real life. While I’ve only been participating for a couple of months, I look forward to many more anniversaries. Congratulations, and take care.

It’s interesting to me how many people, like Michael, fit right into the community immediately, that they feel at home right away because people are so nice here.

Kaylee Dayo

Yahho! Kaylee dayo! And I definitely want to wish Allison a happy podcasting anniversary! Five whole years of the NosillaCast, huh? What an incredib… what? What do you mean “carry the one”? No, that doesn’t make any sense.

I mean, podcasting hasn’t even been around that long! Didn’t Spotify invent it? And besides: it’s named after the AirPods, right?! What do you mean, “Go watch those people dancing with the white headphones again”? I don’t know…

Anyway, congratulations on six whole years of podcasting! (See? I carried the one, just like you asked). I look forward to someday being in the same timezone as you. We’ll ride around on our electric bicycles & chat about Javascript, phone plans, Apple products & all kinds of fun stuff, all at a reasonable time of day! After all, if there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you’re DEFINITELY a geek!

Omedeto! And until next time, Ijo! Kaylee deshita! Bye bye!

Only you, Kaylee, only you.

Shelly Brisbin

Well, well, well, 15 years of NosillaCast is a whole lot of podcasts. A lot of dumb questions answered, a lot of stealthy programming, a lot of terminals tamed, a lot of videos from trade show floors, and a lot of problems solved.

So I want to share how asking a very important question that I first heard on NosillaCast, helped me with a real-world work situation. I was in a meeting last week, virtual of course, and there were six or seven little faces on my computer screen, several of whom belonged to people higher up in an organizational food chain than am I. And all of them were having brilliant ideas, little suggestions for how a project I’m working on could be better. So instead of getting defensive about them micromanaging my life, I decided to take a deep breath and ask a simple question. What’s the problem to be solved?

You know what? It stopped them cold and they didn’t know what to say. And when they recovered themselves, they understood what I was asking. Oh yeah, they seem to say, we’re not really solving a problem. We’re just throwing stuff at the wall. Well, I like to think I got out of that situation, and back to doing what I do, because I asked that famous question that I learned from NosillaCast.

This is Shelly Brisbane from Parallel and a whole bunch of other podcasts, saying congratulations, Alison, Steve, and all the NosillaCastawaysnc. It’s been a great 15 years.

It’s funny how useful that little phrase is. Shelly reminds me of a time I was on the board of a huge user group and I wasn’t contributing much. I told the other board members they should get someone with more time to help out. Instead of letting me bail, they said that they wanted me to stay because I seemed to have the knack of asking “What problem are we trying to solve?” at just the right time. Take Shelly’s advice and use that phrase wisely.

Up next, I suspect you’ll recognize the dulcet tones of Allister Jenks:

Allister Jenks

It’s Allister Jenks here from New Zealand offering my thoughts on the occasion of Allison’s 15th year of podcasting.

For me, it has been about 11 and a half years of listening since October 2008. I thought for a long time about what I would like to say on this occasion. I thought about the countless times my interest has been piqued by something on one of the podcasts. I thought about how much fun it has been contributing my own work to the podcasts. I thought about the privilege of being trusted to produce the podcast on a few occasions. I thought about the incredible resource of the podfeet website and associated social hangouts.

I thought about our one-on-one conversations on Telegram about weird and wonderful topics from programming minutiae to hating on Apple support. But none of that will do to mark this occasion.

The one thought I would like to express right now, is that it was Allison, who was responsible for my acceptance of the word “friend” for someone you’ve never actually met. I have been lucky enough to meet with Allison and Steve on two occasions so technically they fall outside this definition. But I think in spirit, it still applies. So thank you, Allison and Steve for your friendship. Oh, and I suppose congratulations are also in order for getting at least one audio production out onto the internet, every week for 15 years.

I love what Allister says about friends who have never met and it’s exactly what I was trying to express about my friendship with Bart. I socialize in “real” life with fewer than a dozen people on a regular basis. But I have far more friends I talk to at least weekly because of the podcast. My life is richer for having Allister to bounce ideas across, to get advice, or just share a laugh.

Mike Price

Hi fellow Castaways, Mike Price from Attleboro Massachusetts here. I wanted to chime in and offer Allison and Steve a great big congratulations on such a momentous accomplishment and also to say thank you for all you do.

I have not been here the whole time. I can’t remember exactly how and when I found the NosillaCast, but it was back in the days when there was only one show per week, and the show had an ever so slight Macintosh bias.

I have always found the wide array of topics covered in Allison’s interviewing skills to be both entertaining and informative. Because of this show, I’ve set up my own VPN server, toyed with creating my own S/MIME certs using the now, purchased a few items based on various CES interviews, and been tempted by many, many more, found other podcasts to follow. For example, Mac Power Users.

And I decided to learn JavaScript and soon PHP. And if the show’s productions weren’t enough, the community, they have built and fostered both on Slack and the live show is amazing.

This community is a collection of the nicest folks I think I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across, and that can only be a reflection of the kind of people who Allison and Steve are. So thank you, and congratulations. Wishing you all the best in the next 15 years.

After listening to Mike’s recording I immediately shot off a note to Donald Burr telling him that his Chit Chat where he taught us how to create our own VPN server was mentioned, and he was thrilled. That was 7 years ago!

I also thank you, Mike, for saying that the kindness of the community is a reflection of Steve and me. I like to think that you’re right, because I know another podcaster who doesn’t always put his kindest face forward and he ends up with positively vicious comments in forums as a result. I am not always the kindest person around, but I try to always reflect positivity in the podcast and it has paid off 1000 fold in the kindness of the community.

Dean Elger

Hi I’m Dean Elger. My wife Suzanne and I met Steve and Allison in 2003 when we crashed their romantic dinner reservations at a French restaurant in Sedona Arizona when they were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. A story which was, of course, shared in an early episode.

For any of you castaways that have had the pleasure of meeting the Sheridans face to face, you won’t be surprised to know that was the beginning of one of our most important relationships. I used to like it when our young kids asked just exactly how we were related to the Sheridan’s?

When Allison two years later picked up a new “hobby” of podcasting I had no idea how big it would become. I can remember my awkward attempts at trying to explain to others what a podcast was. Usually describing it as a radio show that was available once a week. And trying to defend the concept and touting its benefits.

Over the years I have witnessed the shows evolution from a digital recording using very little tech to what is now a sophisticated production culminating in the Live Show where you get to see how they make the sausage, so to speak.

Over the years Allison has aided me in keeping my ego in check by describing my foibles in a very public forum of which I never take offense. She has bragged of trying to bankrupt me by selling me on the latest and coolest gadgets, everything Apple makes and at least two cars, we discussed the stupidity of me leaving my iPhone on a plane and then how I managed to save my business trip with my watch, and some of the castaways will remember my very public sharing of my OnePassword master password on the live show, and of course the subsequent episode where Allison explained how we protected all of my information after the fact.

And here we are fifteen years later. I’ve been introduced to the Chicago gang, Bart has taught me things I never considered about photography and security, numerous Castaways have shared reviews of products, I’ve had my dumb questions answered and I even got to hang out with Pat in France while she hosted us in her house.

You see this isn’t an internet radio show, it is a REAL community, with REAL people. Caring, loving, brilliant, hysterical people who openly share their talents but more importantly their love and admiration of each other. And this community exists all because Allison posted a recording fifteen years ago.

So, to Allison and her Producer Steve I say congratulations on 15 years, but even more importantly THANK YOU for creating such a wonderful town, where for an hour a week, we all get to live.

This message is so dear to me. Dean and Suzanne have become life-long friends as he explained, but hearing his view of the podcast and the community that has grown around it warms my heart.

Ken Ray

Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray here, host of Ken Ray’s Mac OS Ken with Ken Ray with a prepared message for the NosillaCast Anniversary Show. What can one say about Allison Sheridan. Well, according to this list of things that she’s told me I can say she’s knowledgeable, she smells great, and she’s there in a moment’s notice … provided you can give her a week to 10 days’ notice.

Actually 15 years of NosillaCast is pretty amazing. It’s not just a show that you’ve produced Alison. You’ve also fostered a community. When Mac OS Ken hit, I think it was 12 or 13 years old somebody wrote to me and said, Here’s to 12 more. On the one hand I thought only 12? And on the other hand I thought, do you never want me to rest? So, here is to as many more years of NosillaCast as you want, Alison, and thanks for everything you’ve done.

I would like the record to show that only Ken was given a required list of what he was allowed to say. Thanks, Ken, for coloring inside the lines.

Support the Show

We have one final recording to play for the show but I’d like to take a quick break to thank Ryan Waldon. Ryan went to, made an account and put his hard-earned money down to support the show on a weekly basis. This contribution tells me that he gets value out of the show and wants to give some value back. It would be swell if the podcast didn’t cost me money so contributions like Ryan’s really help toward that goal. It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference if enough people contribute. As has always been true, if you simply cannot afford to make a contribution like this, do not feel badly about it!. The show will go on as long as I have a voice! Thank you again, Ryan, you rock!

And now for our final contribution:

Steve Sheridan

Hi Allison, this is husband Steve. I’d like to congratulate you on 15 continuous years of the NosillaCast, what an accomplishment!

When you began your podcast adventure back on May 13, 2005, neither of us had any idea where it would take us. Since then you’ve produced a podcast every week like clockwork for 15 years. That’s a rare feat in the podcasting community and one of which you can be proud. Throughout this period the NosillaCast community has grown up around you providing their support, content for your show, and a lot of good times.

To commemorate the event, I wanted to capture how your show has evolved over the years. It’s been noted by a few people how you’ve updated your show’s introduction quite a bit since beginning the NosillaCast. So I went back to the first NosillaCast episode and started listening to the introduction of your earlier, and some of your later, shows. Your tag line and particularly your delivery of the word “ever” in “A technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias” has grown, shall we say, more enthusiastic over the years. What follows is an audio compilation of your shows’ introductions noting this, and some of the other changes your introduction underwent over time.

The first three clips I selected are excerpts of your show’s introduction, starting with the first NosillaCast in May 2005 followed by episode introductions from July and October of 2005.

Audio clip from episode #1 on 5/13/05:

Audio clip from episode #5 on 7/5/05:

Audio clip from episode #10 on 10/2/05:

The next three clips show how you fine-tuned your tag line and first added the Midnight Dialogue opening jingle to your introduction. The last clip in March 2006 was the first time you used your now well-known tag line in its near-final form.

Audio clip from episode #14 on 10/23/05:

Audio clip from episode #26 on 1/15/06:

Audio clip from episode #33 on 3/5/06:

From the time you firmed up your tag line in March 2006, it took about a year for you to get the punch in the word “Ever!” as we know it today. The next three clips show how your emphasis on the word “Ever!” evolved from March 2006 to March 2007. I like your more enthusiastic presentation much better.

Audio clip from episode #80 on 1/28/07:

Audio clip from episode #82 on 2/11/07:

Audio clip from episode #88 on 3/25/07:

One of the ways you were able to produce a show every week for 15 years was through the help of good friends who filled in for you when you were on vacation or otherwise dispose. They all had their unique style for saying your tag line during the show’s introduction. The next four clips are from Katie Floyd, Allister Jenks, Bart Busschots, and Chris Ashley doing their part to keep the NosillaCast going strong.

Audio clip from episode #461 on 3/9/14:

Audio clip from episode #497 on 11/16/14:

Audio clip from episode #493 on 10/17/14:

Audio clip from episode #677 on 4/28/18:

I particularly enjoy Bart’s and Chris’s emphasis on the word Ever.

And finally we’ve arrived at your current tag line where you subtly replaced Macintosh with Apple in April of 2017.

Audio clip from episode #623 on 4/16/17:

With such dramatic changes over 15 years, it makes one wonder what your tag line may evolve to in the future?

But seriously, your show has evolved in many ways other than your introduction, including adding listener contributions and reviews, Dumb Question Corner, Chit Chat Across the Pond, trade show video interviews, the live show with the NosillaCast chatroom, the NosillaCast Facebook and Slack groups, and growing from the single NosillaCast to the collection of Podfeet Podcasts.

One of the most significant changes and a wise choice on your part was to include Bart as a significant presence on your shows. I went back to see when he came onto the scene and found Bart’s original contribution to the NosillaCast was back in September of 2006 where he talked about the Synergy application. His submission to your 59th episode was revelatory when he wrote, “Hi Allison, I use Synergy at work to link my Mac and my Linux box and although I’m not at all afraid of the command line I do like to avoid it when I can.” Little did he, or you, know that 7 years later, together you’d create a 37-part podcast series called Taming the Terminal – and 2 years after that, you’d start the Programming by Stealth podcast, a 95-part series that is still going strong. And of course, we can’t forget Bart’s Security Bits segment, a continuing and important segment of the NosillaCast. Other than yourself, there is no other person that has contributed more to the Podfeet Podcasts than Bart. I give him a ton of credit in helping to keep your shows vibrant and informative over the years and I know how much you appreciate his contributions and his friendship.

As I look back, I think the most meaningful NosillaCast development over these 15 years is the community that has grown up around you and the new set of friends we’ve come to know because of your podcast. I’m a believer that the community that forms around a podcast reflects the personality of the podcast host. And I think that’s why the folks in the NosillaCast community are interesting, informed, and caring people … a reflection of you, Allison.

You and I consider many of the NosillaCast community members as friends, even though we haven’t met them in real life. Take my Wingman Kevin whom we’ve never met in person yet we both consider a dear friend. We’ve also traveled across the U.S., the Atlantic, and the Pacific to meet some of these friends in person, like Bart. I know you’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one of these NosillaCast meet-ups as much as I have … and I also know you look forward to many more meet-ups wherever they may take us. I’m so pleased you started and stayed with the NosillaCast, for without it just think of the community and friendships we’d be missing.

So again Allison, congratulations on achieving 15 wonderful years of the NosillaCast. I’m extremely proud of what you’ve accomplished and I’m very pleased to see the NosillaCastAways evolve into the thriving, kind, and supportive community that surrounds us today.

That’s it for now … and you can rest assured that I will STAY SUBSCRIBED … at least for another 15 years.

Thank you to everyone who listens and participates and contributes in any way to the show, as Husband Steve said, our lives are richer because of you.

Security Bits — 27 May 2020

That’s going to wind this up for this week. Don’t forget to send in your Dumb Questions, comments and suggestions by emailing me at [email protected], follow me on twitter @podfeet.  Remember, everything good starts with,,,!  And if you want to join in the fun of the live show, head on over to on Sunday nights at 5pm Pacific Time and join the friendly and enthusiastic NosillaCastaways.   Thanks for listening, and stay subscribed.

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