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All the Cool Kids are Moving to Discord

Discord logoSometimes I think that the Podfeet Podcasts are just an elaborate ruse to allow me to try out new gadgets and software. It is most evident in how I can’t seem to stop refining how I produce both the recorded and the live show. If you’ve never taken a look at the live show diagram, it’s worth a peek to see the madness. It needs to be updated a bit as a few things have changed, but the fundamental structure of it is still the same.

What never changes though is my desire to swap out one tool for another. In fact, that’s why it’s out of date!

Usually I’m trying to solve a problem, but sometimes I experiment with a tool just to learn about it to find out if it solves any problems. In the last couple of weeks I’ve started playing around with a tool called Discord. Discord is a free, dedicated app for the Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android, as well as a web-app from If my early testing is right, it could replace a lot of apps for me, reduce the complexity, and make it easier to connect with people for Chit Chat, all while actually giving you an enhanced experience during the live show.

I’d like to walk through just a few pieces of my workflow (and how they impact the audience) before I come back to Discord. Continue reading “All the Cool Kids are Moving to Discord”

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Google Chromebook Pixel – by George from Tulsa

Asus Flip with thought bubble saying I am not a PixelbookHi, this is George from Tulsa sending some virtual help to Steve and Allison as they move Steve’s parents. I’m sure they’d rather I flew to California and helped Steve carry the Steinway, but what they get is this small part of a podcast Allison doesn’t have to build herself.

Find yourself the geek for work, family, and friends? I can’t count how many times I’ve been called on to clean malware from Windows computers. A couple of years ago I threw in the towel, wiped the last version of Windows I owned, and told everyone I hadn’t persuaded to move to Mac I no longer did Windows.

Of course, not everyone I know can afford a Mac, so the folks I couldn’t persuade to buy a Mac, or who wouldn’t maintain theirs and started calling me for Mac clean up, I’ve been recommending get Chromebooks. Heck, they’re cheap enough I’ve given them to friends and family I cut off from my free Windows Support Service. Gave one to a sister-in-law two weeks ago.

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Wisdom of Crowds Finds CotEditor

CotEditor logoI’m sure you’ve heard me mention a few hundred times that we have a fabulous Google Plus community at and an equally interesting Facebook group at We have both so you get to choose where you want to play.

There’s so many reasons to love these communities, not the least of which for me is that you guys can go in there and solve each others’ problems. I love to help people but having more people answering questions is always better. The other thing that’s great is that sometimes someone asks a question (dumb or otherwise) and we discover that lots of us had the same question.

Let me give you a great example from this week. Allister Jenks posted this question:
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NosillaCastaways Facebook Group is Live

FacebookOne of the dangers of asking people’s opinion before you make a decision is there is an expectation that you’ll take those opinions into account. A while ago I asked you whether you would lose all respect for me if I created a Facebook group for the NosillaCastaways. We got a ton of comments over on and I really appreciate the feedback. Opinions I heard included:

  • Over my dead body will I get a Facebook account (and no, it isn’t just Bart who feels that way)
  • I joined Google+ just so I could play in communities but I often forget to go there (several people said this)
  • Bart suggested the danger that if I divide the community in two by having Facebook and G+, we would be left with less than half a community. Others expressed the same concern.
  • It was suggested by a few that having a dedicated platform that wasn’t on any of these services would be the right way to go
  • Some people were worried that having both communities would be too much work for me
  • There were many people suggesting that resistance is not futile and that I should look to Locutus for inspiration

I’m really happy that so many people helped me noodle this. I’ll give you my thoughts in no particular order.
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Facebook – Resistance is Futile

Facebook group for the BorgWhen I started this podcast it was all for the love of tech, but over the years it has become something much more than that. Steve and I have developed life long friendships with people across the globe because of the NosillaCast community. I don’t take for granted all the friends we’ve made, many of whom we’ve never met in real life.

Several things make the NosillaCast community strong. If I just had an email address or blog comments where you could contribute, all conversations would be many to one; e.g. from you to me. When I started the live show, I had no idea that it would create friendships between NosillaCastaways that had nothing to do with me. I was a little bit jealous at first but then I realized that this thing is much bigger than me.
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I Love You, Man

Claus Allison Steve up by the Hollywood sign overlooking Santa Monica BayThis weekend, long time NosillaCastaway Claus Wolfe from Germany flew from his home in Frankfurt to the United States for a short vacation.

He wrote to us a while back to tell us he’d be passing briefly through Los Angeles and wondered if we could get together. We talked about everything WE thought he might want to see in the area, but he told us he really wanted to do a hike and it looked like there was a nice one up to the Hollywood sign.

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