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NC #786 Diamond Dog Saved Me, Markup on iOS, Security Bits

Hi, this is Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Apple Podcast, hosted at, a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias. Today is Sunday, May 31, 2020, and this is show number 786. So how fun was the Crew Dragon launch this week? I actually cried when that rocket took off. And then I decided the perfect place to watch the hatch open on the ISS was on the screen in my Tesla via Youtube watching the NASA feed! Congratulations to everyone at SpaceX and NASA.

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Chit Chat Across the Pond

I’m not going to lie to you guys, this week’s installment of Programming By Stealth was pretty rough for me. It builds on the foundation Bart laid in PBS 95 where he introduced JavaScript Getters and Setters and it was pretty clear that this previous lesson had not sunk in for me yet. I’ll definitely have to go back and study PBS 95 a couple more times and get a chance to practice this Getter/Setter concept before the penny will drop. Hopefully you understood it better than I did the first time through!

In any case, in PBS 97, we extend that knowledge to learning about class data attributes and functions. We’ll learn the “static” nomenclature, which is used to mark attributes and functions as belonging to the class rather than the instances of a class.

Bart spends most of the lesson on a worked example using emoji to create what he playfully calls a Nerdtouche, as a head nod to the cartouche used by Egyptian Pharoahs. And yes, he manages to work the poop emoji into this lesson.

You can find this episode of Programming By Stealth in your podcatcher of choice, or listen over at the link in the shownotes where you can also find a link to Bart’s full tutorial shownotes.

Blog Posts

Diamond Dog Tempered Glass Screen Protector – I’m a Believer

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Support the Show

Frank Petrie (aka @Wheels) set up our pledge break for this week (you have to hear it for this to make any sense at all!)

Why thanks for asking, Frank. Maybe I could give the audience some ideas. You learned about how to save your phone’s screen with a Diamond Dog tempered glass screen protector (and no they’re not a sponsor) and you learned some cool new tricks in iOS Markup, and after this you’re going to hear about how to protect yourself and your loved ones during Security Bits. Did you learn or were you entertained a dollar’s worth? Maybe you could consider going to and pledging said dollar a week to support the show. Back to you, Frank.

Security Bits — 31 May 2020

That’s going to wind this up for this week. Don’t forget to send in your Dumb Questions, comments and suggestions by emailing me at [email protected], follow me on twitter @podfeet.  Remember, everything good starts with,,,!  And if you want to join in the fun of the live show, head on over to on Sunday nights at 5pm Pacific Time and join the friendly and enthusiastic NosillaCastaways.   Thanks for listening, and stay subscribed.

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