Celebrate your Podfeet Love with a 15 Year Anniversary Shirt

15 Year podfeet logo with feet, 15 in upper left and podfeet.com in lower rightI bet a lot of you have been thinking to yourself, “You know what is missing in my life? A shirt that demonstrates what a huge fan I am of the Podfeet Podcasts.” This probably became an even more pressing issue for you when the 15 year anniversary of the NosillaCast happened. I have to admit, Steve felt the same way.

I’m here today to fill this hole in your life. Steve and I designed a Podfeet 15 Year anniversary shirt just for you. Well actually, for us, but you can get one too!

The company we went through is called Cotton Bureau. The logo is a small pair of podfeet with 15 nestled in the upper left and podfeet.com in the lower right. We chose black for the logo because it looked best against a variety of shirt colors. You can get this fine logo on shirts in heather white tri-blend, (which is a light grey), vintage royal tri-blend, and vintage red tri-blend. This tri-blend fabric is incredibly comfortable, drapes nicely, and is super soft. I know because I bought all three!


Vintage Red, Royal Blue, Heather White worn by Allison in different poses
Vintage Red, Royal Blue, Heather White

If you prefer a more traditional 100% cotton shirt, you can also get that in white, red and royal blue. You can go for men’s, women’s or youth sizes so you can outfit the whole family! If you’re a sweatshirt fan, we’ve got those too.

You can find these lovely Podfeet 15 year anniversary shirts for $29 at podfeet.com/shop (because everything good starts with podfeet.com!). $29 may sound steep for a t-shirt even if it does fill that hole in your life, but I want to explain the pricing.

We could have gone to a cheap shop with cheap shirts, but they all make you pay for a large order upfront, and then we would have had to deal with how to get them out to people. That was way too much hassle! These shirts are made to order one-by-one so they do cost a little bit more. We don’t make any money until 25 shirts sell, but we’re not in this to make a lot of money, we just wanted really nice shirts with the Podfeet logo on them! I love my shirts and I put pictures of me modeling all three of them in the shownotes so you can see how lovely they are.

If you do buy a shirt I’d love to see a photo of you showing off the Podfeet 15 colors!

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