Bonocle mouse with single braille cell and 3 select buttons

CSUN ATC 2022: Bonocle Braille Mouse

Allison interviews Abedlrazek Aly, Co-founder and CEO of Bonocle, about their interactive mouse designed for people with visual impairment. The Bonocle mouse has one braille cell, three select buttons, and haptic feedback to help the user learn braille while having fun. Bonocle connects to a smart device and provides access to a library of apps made by Bonocle. One of the Bonocle apps teaches the user the braille alphabet and numbers. Other apps provide interactive games for kids to help improve their finger sensitivity and reaction. Currently, Bonocle works on iOS devices and soon it will be updated to work on Android devices. Boncole also provides an SDK for developers to integrate their own apps or develop apps for Bonocle. The setting is the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference show floor at the Marriot in Anaheim, CA.

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