Anker charger shwoing two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. the ports are lit up in a turquoise color. Ther'es a power button on it that has some indicator lights. There's a flip-out 2-prong power connector on the far side.

Anker 733 2-in-1 Wall Charger — by Marty Sobo

Anker 733 Charger Powerbank
Anker 733 Charger Powerbank

Hey all, Marty here. Today we’re going to be talking about the Anker 733 2-in-1 wall charger.

On the front, you have one USB-A and two USB-C ports. This also has a 10 mAh battery built right into it. This is awesome because you can plug this thing in, plug your devices in, and you get all your devices all charged up, plus the battery inside gets fully charged up.

You take this with you and if you need to charge your devices throughout the day, then you have that built in.

Also, this has a really cool flip wall plug built right into it. When you use it, you just flip the plug up and plug it in, and when you’re done, you pull it out and flip the plug down and it just hides neatly right into the device.

I would definitely recommend having USB-C to Lightning, for example, if you have an iPhone or being able to have any USB-C cables as that will charge in fast charge mode. So that’s really cool to be able to have those options.

The device is not that heavy. You can easily toss it in any go bag without issue. The price is not too bad. It comes in on the average around $80.

But if you think about it, you’re getting a wall charger, fast charging, as well as a battery all built into one device.

So that’s pretty cool.

And that’s the Anker 733 2-in-1 wall charger.

Allison here — I wanted to add a few more details.

The Anker 733 can provide 65W of power, which is enough to charge a laptop. But the entire device provides 65W. If you want to charge a laptop, you can use one USB-C port and nothing else while charging.

As you add more devices, the 65W starts to get split up between the ports. For example, if you use one USB-C port and one USB-A port, the C gets 45W and the A gets 20W. This is very common in this kind of charger, but I wanted you to know that it can charge a laptop when plugged into the wall.

When it’s in battery mode and unplugged from the wall, the three USB ports all provide only 18W, which is too low for laptop charging.

On the Amazon page I linked to, Anker have a good graphic you can flip through that shows you how much power you can get from the device depending on which ports you’re using and whether it’s plugged into the wall.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that there’s a power button to wake up the charger and it has 4 lights on it to indicate charge level.

Marty mentioned that it wasn’t very heavy, so I looked it up and it’s 11 oz, or around 300g.

Thanks for the review, Marty – this looks like a great device for the go bag!

1 thought on “Anker 733 2-in-1 Wall Charger — by Marty Sobo

  1. Anonymous - June 18, 2023

    G’Day Marty.
    Sounds exactly what I need except I’m in Australia. Happy to use a power plug adapter but the disclaimer about voltages and such has me worried. Need I be ?

    Forget that question. $AU218.35 plus $AU73.52 delivery . Out of my price range but I will investigate a similar unit and hopefully find something in my range in Australia.

    Thanks for the review Marty and Al.

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