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Charge Your Apple Watch and Phone with Belkin Valet Power Pack

Belkin valet power pack showing LED endWhen Steve and I were retiring, many people asked us if we were going to travel. I said, “no plans at all to travel.” Evidently I was wrong! It seems we travel an awful lot these days, to both foreign lands and locally to go see the grandson.

I’ve gotten so that I can pack in my sleep, grabbing all of the necessities. There are of course two lists in my head. Silly things like clothes and toothbrushes, and the more important list of things like laptops, tablets and of course chargers.

The one thing I often seem to forget though is my Apple Watch charger. I even have two of them, one on my desk and one by my bed, but every 3rd trip I forget to bring one. My theory on why I forget the Apple Watch chargers is it’s because the little charger pucks are threaded into a stand and so they’re not so easy to make easily portable.

In a pinch, you can usually drum up a lightning cable and a USB-charger block to charge your phone, but there’s no way to piece together a charger for the Apple Watch.

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Time to Contact Craig Federighi

This post is Part 3 of a 4-part saga. To start at Part 1, please enjoy: AppleCare Needs a Frequent Flyer Program.

Craig federighi and his hairAs the saga progressed on my 2013 MacBook Pro being unable to contact any Apple services (no apps would run, no Mail would come in, no access to my iCloud data), I decided to see if I could get a response out of the executives at Apple. I originally wrote to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple but then forwarded the email on to Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering. He seems like a swell guy with that pretty hair and all.

I put in three guesses on what his address might be and shot off the email. Here’s what I wrote to Tim and Craig: Continue reading “Time to Contact Craig Federighi”

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AppleCare Needs a Frequent Flyer Program

RIPI entitled this article “AppleCare Needs a Frequent Flyer Program” because if they had such a program, I’d be getting all kinds of free perks by now. If someone asked me if they should buy anything from Apple right now, there would be hesitation in my response. It’s that bad.

This weekend my 2016 Touch Bar MacBook Pro died. I know that buying on the bleeding edge of a new model year is often problematic. Normally though, you get early deaths, like with my 12″ MacBook that had to be replaced. Continue reading “AppleCare Needs a Frequent Flyer Program”

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Apple’s New Strategy: We’ll Meet You Half Way

Right airpod showing more blue corrosionLast year before the new iPhone 7 came out, all four of the iPhones in use by my family were suffering from the battery shutdown problem. Kyle was getting a new iPhone 7 from me for his birthday but I asked him to take his iPhone 6 into Apple while it was still under AppleCare to try to get it replaced. Apple told Kyle there was nothing wrong with the battery and refused to replace it. They said to do a DFU (Device Firmware Update) and to not restore from a backup and that would fix it. They were certain that there was something in Kyle’s apps or data causing the problem. We know from recent reports that Apple is now admitting that something was indeed wrong with the OS that was causing the problem and they’ve been able to measure a decrease in the problem from a recent iOS update.

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How Does the Apple Watch Series 2 Compare to the Original?

2 apple watches on allisonWhen the Apple Watch Series 2 was announced, it didn’t sound like that big of an upgrade to me from the original watch. I bought it anyway, mostly because Steve wanted to get a new one, and I had the dreaded FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Now that I’ve had it for a week, I thought it would be interesting to walk through the features of the Series 2 to see whether there’s enough there to make you want to upgrade from the original (Series 0) Apple Watch.

The Series 2 has what they’re calling a second generation OLED Retina Display. Even though it has the same screen resolution, it’s supposed to be 1000nits of brightness, which is more than double the 450 Nits of the Series 0. This did sound pretty good to me, as I have a heck of a time seeing my watch screen in broad daylight. It’s especially hard as I have to wear sunglasses, because I can’t see the watch without them.

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Jump Start Your Car with the Portable PowerAll Power Bank

Powerall power bank jump starter batteryBack in 2014, I sent a link to my mechanic, Honda Bob, to a product that I thought was a joke. It was a small, portable battery that supposedly you could use to jump start your car. Like I said, I assumed it was a joke, but he immediately bought one to test it out. He reported back with a blog post about how it actually worked!
The device is called the PowerAll Power Bank, and it comes in two sizes, 16,000mAh and 12,000mAh.

After Honda Bob’s vote of approval, I bought one for each of our cars, and for each of our kids cars.

You might be asking yourself why I’m telling you about this again if you’ve already heard about it in 2014.

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NC #556 Honda Bob on Apple Battery Case, Olympus Macro Lens, Shure MVi Audio Interface, Facebook – Resistance is Futile

Honda Bob is doing GREAT after his bone marrow transplant (who’s Honda Bob? I’ll explain that) and he gives us his review of the Apple Battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6s. I review the Olympus 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens for the micro four thirds camera I own (spoiler, it’s awesome!) and I review the Shure MVi Digital Audio Interface and the companion MOTIV App for iOS. Finally I’ll broach the idea of whether we should have a Facebook group. I feel like resistance is futile.

mp3 download

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Honda Bob Health Update & Review of Apple’s iPhone 6/6s Battery Case

Honda bob wearing new overalls and baldI’ve got a fun update for you about long term NosillaCastaway Honda Bob, and he sent along a review of the new battery case from Apple for the iPhone 6/6s. Let me bring everyone up to speed first.

For many years I advertised for Honda Bob’s Mobile Service. He would drive to your house to fix your Hondas and Acuras. This is a very weird thing to advertise for on an international podcast since the service was only in about a hundred mile radius of where I live. It became kind of a signature thing about the NosillaCast though and for no apparent reason, people started creating their OWN ads for Honda Bob. These are not people who even knew Bob but just got into the spirit of how silly all this was.

I remember when Justin Byrne and David Shortle of the Mac Craic podcast were in California visiting from Ireland. When they found out Honda Bob was here they begged to come over to my house to meet him. Katie Floyd from Mac Power Users was in town from Florida and she was thrilled to get to meet him as well.
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