Front view of Goal Zero's Yeti PRO 4000 Power Station with display on top showing current power usage and percent battery remaining.

CES 2024: Goal Zero Portable Power and Outdoor Appliances

Allison interviews Chris Allen, Director of Brand and Product Marketing at Goal Zero, about their range of products from portable power solutions to outdoor appliances.

Chris shows the Yeti PRO 4000 Power Station with 4,000 Wh of energy storage. The unit is rated at 4,000+ power cycles and has wheels and a handle so it’s portable. Pairing a Yeti PRO battery with Goal Zero’s Haven 10 Manual Transfer Switch lets you back up as many as 10 essential circuits in your home. You can combine the Yeti PRO 4000 with up to four expansion tanks to deliver up to 20 kWh of backup energy to your home. The Yeti PRO 4000 recharges with grid or solar power.

Goal Zero offers compact energy storage solutions as well with the Yeti 300, 500, and 700 units which provide 297, 499, and 677 Wh of energy storage, respectively. With an IPX4 rating, these units are perfect for outdoor use; say for powering backyard appliances or for camping. Each unit has two 110V AC, two USB-A, and two USB-C power ports.

Goal Zero also offers the Ulta 50 Fridge that holds 53 liters and keeps your items cold using only 8.5 W of power. Chris concludes by showing the Goal Zero Skylight, a portable area light that telescopes from 4 to 12 ft in height. With 6,000 lumens, this LED light can illuminate up to a distance of 300 ft.

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