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NC #939 Battery Problems M1 MacBook Pro, Boogie Board Reusable Writing/Drawing Tablets, iCloud is Apple’s Superpower

Hi, this is Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Apple Podcast, hosted at, a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias. Today is Sunday, May 7, 2023, and this is show number 939.

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My Never-Ending Battery Problems with my M1 MacBook Pro

Boogie Board Reusable Writing/Drawing Tablets for Work and Play

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iCloud is Apple’s Superpower

Transcript of NC_2023_05_05

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2 thoughts on “NC #939 Battery Problems M1 MacBook Pro, Boogie Board Reusable Writing/Drawing Tablets, iCloud is Apple’s Superpower

  1. Paul - May 7, 2023

    Hi Allison. You M1 battery trials are (and details) are engrossing. In some ways reminds me of why I gave up digital a few times back in the day when I was working. Had an Palm Pilot, entered my life in it, used it all the time, and then one day, kaput. Would spend several days trying and usually succeeding in getting everything back (there was some kind of backup system) but my work life (and really home life too) could not absorb random multi-day rabbit-hole hits like that. And so I went back to a paper DayTimer for years. Then, as different sirens called, same thing with Blackberry and pre-OSX Mac and even early iPhone.

    I’ve got to say that only OSX and low-effort synching (thanks to Dropbox pushing Apple) between devices that have made digital really workable. Don’t have the guts to turn off iCloud on any of my devices though. So I’m impressed. But Apple should not make that so damn scary and time-consuming.

  2. podfeet - May 7, 2023

    Thanks, Paul. I kind of have the opposite story. Before the Palm Pilot I had a notebook I carried around with everything I knew about my projects in it. One day, it was GONE. I couldn’t believe it. For days I searched everywhere. Then one day a co-worker waltzed in and said, “Hey, I borrowed your notebook.”

    When the Palm Pilot arrived (with syncing to the Mac) I was sold.

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