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CCATP #775 — Bart Busschots on PBS 154 — Bash: Expansions & Brackets Redux

Bart Busschots joins us for Programming By Stealth with the final installment of our miniseries on Bash. He explains a few new concepts, but the real value of this installment and especially his fabulous tutorial shownotes is that he compiles a lot of info into some tables for us to use as reference for the future. As with all good programming, Bart is scratching his own itch – he wanted a single place to go to know which brackets mean which and which ones do you have to cuddle vs. not cuddle. He also wanted a table of the order in which Bash processes the seven distinct expansions.

We’re closing out Bash but Bart has a new miniseries on the horizon to look forward to.

You can find Bart’s fabulous tutorial shownotes at pbs.bartificer.net.

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Read an unedited, auto-generated transcript: CCATP_2023_09_02

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