Logo with Bio by Bemis in white font on a blue background. A fountain is shown springing from the I in Bio.

CES 2024: Bemis Bio Bidet Seats and Toilets

Allison interviews James Amburgey from Bemis about their new Bio Bidet seats and toilets. Bemis add-on bidet seats provide the user with an optimal cleansing experience with warm water, adjustable pressure settings, and a heated seat ring. Bemis also offers the Bio Bidet BB-1200 electronic bidet seat that can be controlled with a mobile app and has multiple user-programmable presets. Bemis’s full replacement toilet, the Bio Bidet Discovery DLX, has bidet functionality built-in along with an air dryer, deodorizer, and night light. In addition, it features a foot-activated sensor that opens the lid and seat ring and flushes the toilet. It also auto closes the lid and seat automatically so no touch is required to operate the unit. The interview setting is the CES show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Learn more a https://biobidet.com/

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