MEATER 2 Plus smart meat thermometer showing the temp probe, charging block, and phone with the MEATER mobile app running.

CES 2024: MEATER Smart Meat Thermometer

Allison interviews Keye Chen from MEATER about their latest smart meat thermometer called the MEATER 2 Plus. The temperature probe for the 2 Plus is improved over the original MEATER system. The ambient end of the 2 Plus probe end is now stainless steel and can handle higher temperatures, up to 1000 deg F. This allows the probe to be used in high-temperature (e.g. open flame) barbecue and even deep-fry applications. The MEATER probe is connected via Bluetooth to its charger and the charger is paired to your phone. All MEATER probes interface with the MEATER mobile app that assists you as you cook meats of any type. The app allows you to select meat type as well as desired doneness and then provides estimated cooking time, real-time meat and ambient temperatures, warnings of cooking nearing completion, and of course completion. The MEATER block uses the original temperature probe design and supports up to four simultaneous probes. It also has the added feature of WiFi connectivity so you can move beyond Bluetooth range while continuing to monitor your meat’s cooking progress.

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