A pair of black Skwheel Electric skis, each with a 5" all-terrain wheel front and back on a low platform where you place your foot and a vertical brace that is strapped to your ankle like a ski boot.

CES 2024: Skwheel Electric Ski

Allison interviews Joseph Dahirel from Skwheel about the world’s first Electric Ski. Skwheel is composed of two motorized wheeled platforms that you strap onto your feet and lower legs like ski boots. Skwheel is used like snow skis except you don’t need a downhill surface or snow. Its front and rear all-terrain wheels are each battery powered with an electric motor so it can be used on level streets or some off-road surfaces such as packed sand or dirt. You turn by leaning into the turn and you accelerate/decelerate using a handheld controller. You can also activate a mechanical brake by leaning forward into the shin support. Since your feet stand low on the platform, just off the ground, your stance on Skwheel has a low center of gravity and provides more of a skiing sensation than roller skates or blades. Skwheel can travel up to 80 km/hr (50 mph) and has a range of 30 km (19 mi) on a single charge with a 2-hour recharge time. You can also swap the 300 Wh battery for a fresh one in each platform in just a few seconds. Skwheel can be folded up and attached to the handheld controller which extends into a carrying handle for rolling transport. Skwheel is available for preorder at the link below.

Learn more at https://skwheel.com/

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