NosillaCast playing in YouTube with logo and waveform.

Listen to the Podfeet Podcasts on YouTube

NosillaCast playing in YouTube with logo and waveform.
NosillaCast Audio on YouTube

This is going to sound like one of those, “These kids today…” articles, but here goes. Evidently these kids today use YouTube as a podcast listening service. I get watching videos through YouTube, but I’m talking about listening to audio podcasts through YouTube. That makes no sense to me when podcast listening apps are so useful.

But then I think about the basic tenant of working with audiences. If you want to increase your viewership or listenership or readership, you need to go where they already are, not try to force them to go where you want them to be. If people are already going to YouTube, why not provide them the content where they want to be?

I turned Jill from the Northwoods onto the Auphonic service I use, which does all kinds of magic for me. I told you about Auphonic in detail back in May of last year, but it converts my uncompressed audio to mp3, it sends the audio file to my hosting company, and it auto-generates the transcripts of the show for you.

I’m glad I told Jill about Auphonic, because she pays attention to new features, and a few months ago she pointed out that I could toggle on a checkbox, and my podcast would automatically be sent to my YouTube channel. Again, I think it’s weird to listen to an audio podcast on YouTube, but since people like to do it, we figured why not?

Auphonic takes my album artwork and puts a little waveform over it as you hear me talk so it’s technically a video, though a not very interesting video. I’m not sure which service creates them, but if you toggle on closed captions you can read along with what’s being said on the show. For the NosillaCast, Auphonic also sends over the chapter marks, so you can jump from chapter to chapter as you’re listening. It’s really pretty cool.

It’s not just the NosillaCast that’s now on YouTube for your listening pleasure, it’s also Chit Chat Across the Pond and Security Bits. I’ve mentioned recently that Auphonic also creates swell chapter marks for Security Bits and Chit Chat Across the Pond, but for some reason, while those chapter marks show up in “real” podcatchers, they’re not yet showing on YouTube. I’ll have a chat with Auphonic developer Georg and I’m sure he’ll get it sorted. He’s a magician.

All of the podcasts are on the same channel along with the fabulous real videos Steve creates when we do interviews at shows like CES and the CSUN Assistive Tech conference. In other words, there are a lot of reasons now to subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

I could send you a long, annoying URL, but we all know that everything good starts with So you can find the audio podcasts and Steve’s videos over at

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  1. Traffic Jam 3D - January 31, 2024

    Let’s face it, YouTube is massive and practically everyone uses it. It’s a one-stop shop for entertainment, information, and even education. For younger generations who grew up with YouTube, it might be their default platform for consuming any kind of audio/visual content, podcasts included.

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