Front-quarter view of ViXion01 glasses that show the two focus lenses embedded in the glasses. The glasses are slightly thicker but not as tall as regular glasses and they appear futuristic with a swooping curved design.

CES 2024: ViXion01 Autofocus Glasses

Allison interviews Takuya Nonaka from ViXion about their autofocus eyewear called ViXion01. ViXion01 is pair of glasses that measures the distance of what you are looking at with a sensor and automatically changes the shape of the lens to provide a focused image to your eyes. It instantly autofocuses to shift focus between near and far objects. ViXion01 is lightweight at about 50g and can be worn like a regular pair of glasses for long periods. It can be adjusted and customized to suit your changing eye conditions over time. You can use ViXion01 continuously for 10 hours before needing a recharge. ViXion01 can be configured via a physical dial or a mobile app to personalize calibration for crisp vision. ViXion01 is available for preorder at the link below.

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2 thoughts on “CES 2024: ViXion01 Autofocus Glasses

  1. Niraj - February 20, 2024

    Mighty exciting technology for $660.

    Wondering if they will get picked up by Apple to incorporate their technology into the Vision headset.

    Good find!

    Hurry up with version 2! 🙂

  2. […] It’s a rosy-eyed vision of the future, but one clouded by the Vision Pro’s single-user nature, which is both digitally and physically enforced. I can easily imagine visionOS supporting multiple users, although  Apple has never supported that in iPadOS despite obvious shared-device scenarios. Some sort of inflatable bladder might allow the light seal to be customized to different users, but the real win would be in eliminating the need for custom prescription lenses, such as through MIT’s 2014 research into vision-correcting displays or auto-focus lenses such as those in the ViXion01 glasses (hat tip to Allison Sheridan). […]

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