Front view of the GE Smart Home Smoker with a glass door through which smoking meat is visible. The smoker is about the size of a microwave oven and has a display and controls on the front.

CES 2024: GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

Allison interviews André Zdanow from GE about their new smart indoor smoker. The GE Profile Indoor Smoker is a countertop oven that uses wood pellets to create smoke inside the smoker but not to heat the meat. The latter is done with electric heaters that are temperature-controlled to maintain consistent and accurate heating of the meat. The GE smoker has an active filtration system that catalyzes the smoke to remove nearly all of the particulates and carbon monoxide so it’s safe to use inside the home. The smoker does allow the vapor to waft outward so you get that smell of good home cooking. The GE smoker allows automated smoking of your meat so you can set it up for a smoking session and go about your other activities while the meat cooks. The smoker is controlled through the front panel as well as from a mobile app so you can remotely monitor the progress of your smoking session. The GE smoker is available now for purchase at the link below. The interview setting is the Pepcom Digital Experience show floor at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

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