Helix single-seat aircraft with two wings (forward and aft) each having 4 rotors. The wings are fixed and tilted to support vertical takeoff and landing as well as forward flight.

CES 2024: Pivotal Helix Personal Electric VTOL Aircraft

Allison interviews Greg Lary from Pivotal about their Helix personal aviation vehicle. Helix is a single-seat, all-electric aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing capability. It has two fixed, tilted wings (forward and aft) and each has four fixed rotors. Helix was designed under FAA Part 103 regulations for ultralight vehicles so it can fly in Class G (rural) areas which cover 90% of the U.S. Flying Helix does not require pilot certification however Pivotal provides flight training specific to Helix. The aircraft has a range of 20 miles and flies at a speed of 60 mph. Helix provides automated takeoff up to 15 feet altitude then the pilot takes over for transition to cruise flight. Helix’s novel tilted-wing design provides a balance between VTOL capability and efficient forward flight without needing to reconfigure wing orientation. The aircraft has dual and in some cases triple redundancy for safety. For example, it has two batteries powering each rotor, dual elevons, and a radar altimeter below each of the wings. It includes floats for emergency water landings and can support water takeoff and landing if required. Helix can charge on a 120V circuit which takes about 8 hours or it can accept a fast charge reducing the charge time to between 45 minutes to 2 hours. Helix is available for purchase now and deliveries will begin in June 2024 at a price range of $190,000 to $260,000.

Learn more at https://pivotal.aero/

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