Front view of three Ember drinkware products: the Ember Traveler Mug with LED front panel and lid, the 14-oz Ember Mug with handle, and the 10-oz Ember Cup without a handle.

CES 2024: Ember Precise Temperature-Controlled Products

Allison interviews Jake Singer, Director of Product Development at Ember. Jake describes how Ember has evolved from providing temperature-controlled mugs to now supplying a range of products with precise temperature control. Jake first shows Ember’s 6-ounce Cup and 10 and 14-ounce Mugs that allow you to set the temperature of your hot beverage within a range of 120 to 145 degrees F. Jake then shows the Ember 16-ounce Tumbler for keeping beverages warm when you’re on the go. It comes with two lid types, one with a sliding opening and the other with a carry handle. Jake moves on to Ember’s Travel Mug with a built-in LED display that allows you to set and monitor your beverage’s temperature. The Travel Mug 2 has Apple Find My technology built into the cup. All of Ember’s drinkware products use the same charging coaster to charge the drinkware’s battery. Jake then shows Ember’s new Baby Bottle System which includes two 6-ounce Baby Bottles, a 6-ounce Thermal Dome, a Smart Warming Puck, a Power Adapter, four Nipples, and two Nipple Adaters. This system allows you to take milk or baby formula out of the fridge, place it on your bedside table, and with the Thermal Dome in place, keep it cold for up to four hours. Then when baby is ready to feed, you simply press a button and the Warming Puck warms the milk to body temperature within 5 minutes. All of these products are available at Ember, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Apple Store, and other retailers. Jake concludes by showing Ember’s Cloud-Based Cold Shipping Box designed to ship drugs or pharmaceuticals that require refrigeration. You can use Ember’s cloud-based dashboard to track the package’s location and internal temperature in real time as it is en route. It includes an onboard cell and GPS as well as an external E-ink shipping on the front of the box. With one button push, the receiver can notify the carrier for pickup and change the E-ink label on the front to return the package to the sender.

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  1. […] you that the products are heated mugs and cups from Ember. You may remember that we interviewed Jake Singer from Ember at CES this year where he talked about the mugs, tumblers, travel mugs, and even baby bottle warmers they make. If […]

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