Front view of a flat screen TV with bright and varied cloud-like colors on the display. The colors from the TV display are illuminated on the wall just behind the TV. The Govee hardware that accomplishes this is shown in front of the TV as well as the Govee mobile app on a call phone.

CES 2024: Govee Smart Lighting for the Home

Allison interviews Matthew Ungar from Govee about their range of smart lighting products designed for the home. Matthew first shows Govee’s home theater lights which include the DreamView lighting system which reacts to images on the TV and changes the color and intensity of lighting in the room to create a fully immersive experience. All of the DreamView lights in the room are synced to the TV images without the use of a hub or bridge. Mathew then shows the Govee Galaxy Light Projector which illuminates galaxies, planets, and constellations on the walls and ceiling of a dark room with relaxing space-themed music or different types of white noise. Next up is the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box which creates customizable lighting effects in the gaming room based on images on the monitor as well as specific events occurring in the game. Matthew then moves to GoveeLife which is a range of smart home products, such as icemakers, humidifiers, heaters, and electric kettles, that are all WiFi connected and controllable through the Govee mobile app. Next, Matthew shows Govee’s Outdoor Lighting including Spot Lights, String Lights, Strip Lights, and LED Permanent Outdoor Lights to create various dynamic lighting effects on the home exterior. All are durable for outdoor use, waterproof with an IP67 rating, and include a smart app and voice control. Matthew concludes with Govee’s Curtain lights which hang from an opening and are programmable to create dynamic lighting effects that you can customize.

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