VisionAid Air electronic glasses viewed from below and inside. Visible are the black frame, Fresnel lenses, and VisionAid logo embossed on the inner portion of one stem.

CES 2024: VisionAid Air and Eye Disease Simulator

Allison interviews Taylor Speegle from VisionAid about their products that help people with impaired vision. Taylor first demonstrates their Eye Disease Simulator. This mixed reality headset allows people to experience, first-hand, life through the eyes of someone who lives with eye disease. Eye Disease Simulator helps people such as ophthalmologists, medical students, patients, and loved ones to develop empathy and understanding of a person suffering from eye disease. With a set of mixed reality goggles, the simulator displays visual symptoms of several selectable types of eye diseases to the user, thus distorting the actual scene they are viewing. Eye diseases, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, can be simulated from the earliest stages to the most advanced stages. In addition, different or varying degrees of eye diseases can be simulated in each eye separately. Their second product, VisionAid Air, is currently under development. It is a set of electronic glasses designed to improve visual performance for people who are legally blind or with low vision. VisionAid Air glasses will actively and in real-time augment the available vision of those afflicted with some types of vision impairment.

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3 thoughts on “CES 2024: VisionAid Air and Eye Disease Simulator

  1. Dan Wieder - February 4, 2024

    Very cool with both products! More power to them. What a wonderful idea.

  2. Lawrence Wolfe - February 12, 2024

    Thank you Allison & Steve for all your time and efforts.

    My first personal computer was an Osborne computer. Then at work, it was the original IBM PCs 64 kB an expansion box that allowed two 10 MB, hard drives and two floppy drives and a CRT monitor (about 1984). I recently purchased a 15 inch MacBook Air and I am struggling to convert 40 years of PC Muscle, memory, and thought process to Mac.
    As my three kids grew up and had their first cell phones that were all Flip phones which I got the hand me down. I finally got an I iPhone 6s and Iā€™m moved up to an iPhone 13 Pro Max are your hints and recommendations are always appreciated.

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